How to Promote Events and Increase Attendee Engagement with Snapchat (Or not.)

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It’s generally agreed that the moment you turn 35 years of age you are too old for Snapchat. And here you thought 40 was the new 50.

At G2Planet having a HQ in Silicon Valley and an office in ice-cold Minnesota keeps us more centered about these things. If anything, we prefer to exploit every new technology like marauding Vikings — using only what works and jettisoning what doesn’t.  Which brings us back to Snapchat. While this still-trendy social media technology made its mark with “disappearing” pictures designed for teens to get around snooping parents, it’s now a go-to technology for “stitching” together pictures and videos into a 24-hour “story” you share.

How To Use Snapchat to Promote Your Events

The Snap Chat Alternative. Facebook Stories.

We know what you’re thinking — what if my attendees don’t use Snapchat? With so many social media outlets incorporating "stories features" now days (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Whats App, etc.), which social platforms should you prioritize to promote your events and increase attendee engagement? The good news is that your problem has been solved by Facebook.

A few months ago, Facebook introduced “Stories” functionality which effectively works the same way as Snapchat. You can take pictures, videos and post and fashion them into a 24-hour (or longer) story that you share on your corporate Facebook page.

But what about the “Google Eyes” and “Rainbow Puke” filters made popular by Snapchat, you ask? Yep. They have those too. And they are not quite as gross. Funny looking corporate “pins” instead of puke, cool goggles instead of bulging eyes, etc..

In short, you can duplicate the same exact “Snapchatting” functionality as Snapchat without having to teach a bunch of 35-year-old relics how to install the Snapchat app.

Use Facebook Stories to promote your event and increase attendee engagement

Facebook Plunders. You Profit.

In other words, you can profit a technology that Facebook has plundered for you at your very next event. All you need is a decent company Facebook page.

That means your attendees will be able to share your stories on their Facebook pages with a much bigger and more relevant audience than you’ll ever find on Snapchat. You can even use Facebook stories to create FOMO and increase attendee engagement.

And that’s bound to raise a few eyebrows about your event.

Had success using Facebook stories to promote your event and increase user engagement? We'd love to hear about it!

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