How to Collect Data at Your Next Event Part 1 [Infographic]

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For event planners, 2017's dominant narrative has focused on collecting and analyzing data. Visit any event related blog (ours included) and you will find a bunch of articles prostelyzing the neccisity of taking a data-driven attitude, typical to digital marketing, and applying it to event management.

None of those articles are wrong. Event planners should use empirical evidence to inform improvements to their production, and justify their budgets, which is only possible with a high-quality system for gathering data.

Something that seems to have been universally ignored, however, is how that data is actually collected. (Seems reasonably important!)

Events produce a lot of information, and the following infographic focuses on just one part of it. Tracking physical movements of individual attendees. Share at the bottom if you found it informative!


Attendee Engagement Infographic.png


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