G2Planet Launches New Site and Brand "Look"

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CORTE MADERA, CA, April 6, 2017: Since G2Planet first brought maps to mobile devices almost two decades ago, the company has pioneered the use of data to create produce and track events.  G2Planet’s new website, launched today, captures the innovative spirit of this joyfully disruptive company.  

“We are a 17-year-old company,” said CEO and Founder Mark Granovsky. “We’ve been using data science to drive event marketing since day one. It’s a bit serendipitous to see the rest of the industry now adapting our approach,” said Granovsky.

G2Planet’s new site and brand image is built around the industry specific platforms and solutions that have become an integral part of the enterprise marketing stack. With long-term clients that include traditional tech leaders like Cisco and Citrix, disruptors like Workday and numerous agency partners, G2Planet has leverageable insights that data-savvy event planners can readily use. 

G2Planet Refreshed Brand Look

Granovsky was quick to point out that while G2Planet is a great resource for aligning planning goals with corporate OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), the company—and the website—is ultimately aimed at helping to produce events that are “event free” behind the scenes. “We keep things running with a quiet efficiency so that your event really speaks to the attendee, every time,” he added.

G2Planet’s new site showcases the works of a variety of industry creative professionals as well. Location photography of live events are colorfully abstracted to convey the brand’s new look and feel. “We’re proud of our technology, services and support,” said Granovsky “but you wouldn’t ask us to pick the carpeting or match colors. Our new brand imagery is designed to show we still get how important the creative side of things are.”

Now out of beta, G2Planet’s new site will incorporate a variety of FREE downloads including white papers, market matrices, UHD photography and video and a well-regarded, often humorous blog.

For more on G2Planet’s new site go to www.g2planet.com now.

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