“FOMO” Promos. Are You Missing Out on Them at Your Events?

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There’s an acronym going around Silicon Valley these days that simply means “Fear Of Missing Out” or FOMO. It’s how an entire army of social media and tech specialists tap into our insecurities about missing out on the essential things in life. No, you don’t need social media to keep this from happening, but that’s not how your average attendee sees it.

Today, in fact, you need to tap not just social media channels but LIVE social channels before, during and after your event to make sure your presence is noticed.  This involves the clever use of “live streaming” technology on Facebook and Twitter and to a lesser extent Snapchat.

Use FOMO to your advantage at your events

A classic FOMO promo would involve the use of your Facebook channel to broadcast a “See You Here” promotion where you award a prize or incentive to people who visit your tradeshow booth. (See some ideas on good tradeshow booth promotions here) and then live stream the giveaway. While you might not be the only exhibitor to use FOMO promos at your event, you might be the first in your aisle — and that makes you ready for show time.

Have you successfully used FOMO to increase attendee engagement at tradeshows or events? We'd love to hear about it!

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