Why DATA Delivers More Than Fads in Corporate Event Marketing

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Why Data Delivers More Than Fads.

5 Simple Ideas That Prove It.

When it comes to events, it is easy to be distracted by the latest shiny object. While no event planner wants to be without the latest cool idea at a critical event, the bigger risk is building your plan around a dud. With that in mind we’ll cover 5 data-backed ideas that will deliver the wow factor you desire without the headaches. 

Before we get to the list, we'll also mention that every event planner should have three goals. I) Get attendees to your event. II) Keep them there (engage them fully). III) Bring them back (continue the relationship.). That's it. The more complex the planning, the more need to keep it simple or you WILL overlook some totally obvious ways to win big. Data proves it. So here goes…


Idea One: To Get More Attendees, Improve Your E-Mail Subject Lines

Let’s say you planned an event, and NO ONE attended. Well, unless people open your invitation—a.k.a—your email invitation, no one will. Funny then that the one thing that separates a deluge of attendees from a dud is something as simple as the subject line.

Data proves that a good subject line can do more to increase e-mail open rates than anything else. Not “gamified invitations,” “streamed screams,” or whatever the latest fad may be.


Reasons for opening email.png

Just do the math: a good subject line will deliver open rates above 20% on sends over 1000 names and 15% over 5000 at a bare minimum. (Forget “industry standard” open rates because they are a bunch of hype as well). Shoot for 30-35% open rates as copy quality increases.

Read this on scientifically-proven ways to improve your subject lines. No fads here. It’s an article about the man who invented modern copywriting and remains the greatest data-driven writer of all time.


Idea Two: To Get More Attendees, Get Your C-T-Rs Above 20%

The next fad to increase your fears (and keep you from sending out great invitations) are email subject lines from marketing firms that say things like “Track these 3 Metrics and See Your Attendance Triple…”


At G2Planet, we know that Click Through Rate is the only metric that matters once someone has opened your e-vite. This advice is stupid simple but its execution can be difficult. So how do you get someone to Click Through? 

a)      Make sure your subject line and offer correlate in some way.  

b)      Make sure you offer them at least 3 reasons to attend your event.

c)      Offer them something of value for registering.  

d)      Create scarcity.  

e)      Make the whole process easy and fast. No questionaires.


Idea Three: To Get More Attendees, Segment Your Lists

This next idea is also more overlooked than it should be—especially if you are sitting on data from previous attendees. At G2Planet, we are constantly helping event managers increase event attendance from pre-existing customers and previous event attendees by helping them segment their data. Because it is always easier to generate interest from existing customers than it is to generate new ones. 

To get started with segmentation, click here


Idea Four: To Keep Customers Engaged, Increase Stickiness 

At G2Planet, we’ve never claimed to be the ones to pick your carpet samples, much less the cleaning crew for your next event. If our time-proven solution for increasing  attendee engagement sounds a little, well, messy, it’s just the data talking.

“Stickiness” is the one quality all successful content shares. “Stickiness” is a classic metric, not a fad. Stickiness is the attendee bonding agent you build with data.

For the latest in data-driven event planning, we suggest EventCENTRAL (Demo). G2Planet’s EventCENTRAL creates reams of quality data (among other things) from all of your events accross the enterprise (registration through post-show follow) up so you can plan for more “stickiness.”

A word of caution however: there is a lot of data here that you’ll find easy to digest. It’s better take it all in at once before making quick decisions.



Idea Five: If You Build It (On Data) They Will Come Back

Which brings us to our final suggestion for banishing the fear of missing out on the next big idea for your  event: If it’s built on actionable data, people will keep coming back to your brand. Data gives you the knowledge about what people liked, what they didn’t and so much more than merely chasing the latest fad. 

Do you have this knowledge right now? Your answer to that question could be the beginning of solid relationship with a Data-Driven Event Planning company like G2Planet. Or continuing along the event planning universe as it currently exists, which may leave you missing something. 

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