Facebook Is On Washington's Radar. Is Your Event Next?

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Facebook has had quite a week in Congress. As they testify about the 2016 election and the preponderance of "fake news," etc., it pays to take a step back and question what the end result might be for the internet. Imagine, for example, if Facebook and associated large social media sites were regulated like public utilities--what would that mean for the business of event marketing? Would it make it easier or more complex?

While it is beyond the scope of G2Blog to answer these questions, click here to explore this post from futurist and strategist Shelly Palmer on what might happen if Facebook ceased to exist in the form we know it today. We're not taking a position on this, simply sharing a thought-provoking article as current as today's news--on Capitol Hill. 

If you'd like more information on this subject, check out this article by the Washington Examiner.

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