Experiential Marketing Best Practices

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While there is no “single quiver” to achieve the benefits of modern experiential marketing, the following tactics and practices are currently used by almost all the world’s leading brands.

  • Prize giveaways and drawings: or the physical stuff to incentivize consumers to engage with your brand and extend impressions. A typical technology used here might include a scan-to-win or prize, a drawing game or a sweepstakes that can be fulfilled online.
  • Photo/video/gif captures: which include devices to capture pictures (something everyone likes) and seamlessly share them with attendees (via an RFID or QR coded wristband), and then further share these pictures on popular social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.
  • Integrate multiple places together: where attendees are encouraged to win prizes and/or interact with your brand in multiple locations (often at a single venue) which increases the number of impressions and experiences that your consumers and attendees can have.
  • VR/Gaming and other interactive technology: to increase user engagement, while still capturing data seamlessly that can be pushed across your enterprise system through a RFID or QR-coded wristband to gauge the depth of user engagement.

Great experiences surprise and delight your attendees. Our whitepaper describes how using a platform approach will help you profit from it as well.

"Experiential Event Marketing" Whitepaper