Events Have Just Reached the Moon

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It's hard to imagine anything that is more futuristic looking in events these days than 3-D Projection Mapping. This technology adds a dimension you must see to believe. 

The technology can be used to create incredible visual effects by projecting a static image or live video onto large screens or buildings on the large-scale end and or as small as a holographic projection onto a face or, perhaps a bathtub (check it out!)


According to Endless Events:

"Projection using technology to project imagery onto a surface. The projections can be as simple as indoor stage effects or as complex as video onto buildings and industrial landscapes. The purpose of projection mapping in events is to provide a more engaging experience for attendees, through visual stimulation.

The idea is to use technology to manipulate lighting onto varying surface types and turn common objects into interactive, 3D displays...In essence, it’s like painting with light – a way to add textures, colors and even feelings to an environment."

A (relatively) simple example is projecting the video of a band playing onstage (at several times actual size) onto the walls of an auditorium or the sides of nearby buildings. A complex use is to turn a standard hotel conference room into a tropical garden, using audio as well as light projection.

If you want a little eye candy of projections that have literally lit up entire city blocks check out this video link.