Event Planning: Beyond the Bingo Card

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If you're under the impression that Bingo is only a game played in retirement homes - you would be wrong. It was also once the primary way event marketers compiled information on leads. How, you might ask? Little “bingo” cards were placed into magazines and inserts for people to fill out to receive more information on companies and brands. Essentially, they were little paper forms. In terms of creating rich customer profiles, however, marketers were out of luck.

Modern DEEP platforms are a total revolution from this outdated method. One of their most impressive features is their ability to compile exceptionally detailed information on consumer behavior. Be aware, however, that the quality of your outputs is only as good as your inputs and what you’re able to do with the information – human involvement remains critical. 

Because the data in a DEEP system is structured in an extremely dynamic way, you can assemble and reassemble the profile in multiple ways to generate a 1:1 match between your event and attendee interests. 

This kind of data not only informs the content in your on-going email campaigns but it can also be used to drive the other promotional tactics you create. This profile can and should be easily appended with information from Google Analytics and your Marketing Automation system to create an on-going “Persona” for each demographic profile in your database. 





The first is a typical persona that provides a surface level snapshot view of the demographic you are trying to reach:






This next persona is a more detailed look at the interest horizon of a prospect:



As an enterprise event planning professional, the use of personas like these can greatly improve the consistency of the brand voice you use to promote your events. It is incumbent upon you to choose which kind of persona you believe will be embraced by your staff. Whether those personas go in-depth or remain more personable, remember that any persona is only as good as the accuracy of its data.

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