Escape Versus Engagement

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Successful events are not about escape, they’re about engagement. This is where Data-Driven Enterprise Event Planning can assure your attendees remain fully involved and deliver the outcomes you seek from your event.

Automotive Events. Exhibit A for Engagement.

Automotive events remain the Super Bowl of our industry. Since the Autoramas of the 1950s event marketing has been driven, in part, by innovations in the automotive space. In part two of this white paper we take a closer look at options in the automotive space for increasing attendee engagement. And what works here can work almost anywhere events take place.

The engine to success in automotive events is a Data Driven Enterprise Planning platform.Nothing works better than a DEEP platform to collect sales leads, create hand raisers, dealer pass-alongs, Ride & Drives and more. Because DEEP platforms are Data Base Management Systems and not just marketing tools, they allow users to look "underneath the hood" of each user experienceto deepen engagement.

DEEP platforms are also used in the automotive market to capture demographics, purchase horizon information, consumer preferences on price points, likes/dislikes, hobbies and other data points to generate an exceptionally detailed picture of attendees. And once again, what works for autos can work for other events with just a little tweaking.

The Bigger the Engagement the Better

As the science of big data tells us, generating detailed insights requires analyzing massive inputs. This is why DEEP tools thrive at large scale, well-attended events like auto shows.

The world's top automotive manufacturers, for example, have used some variation of DEEP tools for years to navigate changes in consumer attitudes and buying behaviors. These manufacturers, in turn, are using this data to make more accurate sales forecasts, plan activations, arrange merchandise and better understand their prospects' preferences. Net Promoter Scores and other techniques are also used to more accurately gauge engagement.

Some manufacturers take things further by mounting in-vehicle cameras that create high res GIFs that are shared on social channels to extend engagement beyond the show floor. And these are just a few of the ways, that DEEP tools virtually ensure your audience stays with you during events and that you stay on their radar after they leave.