Enterprise Event Management. Lessons with Mr. Spock.

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Some of us at G2Planet are big fans of Star Trek. While we don’t take this fascination to the level of Cosplay, we do find inspiration from the show for our daily lives as event planning software programmers.

It’s not too much of stretch for us, therefore to envision creating software tools similar to Mr. Spock’s “Vulcan Mind Meld” used for understanding human behavior. A fan site describes it as follows:

“The Vulcan mind meld was a telepathic link between two individuals. It allowed for an intimate exchange of thoughts, thus in essence enabling the participants to become one mind, sharing consciousness in a kind of gestalt.”

Now imagine, if you will, having that kind of telepathic customer insight across your own corporate Enterprise when it comes planning, managing and marketing events.




Discover D.E.E.P. Space

Advances in event marketing software have been moving at warp speed lately—to where they now share the same orbit with ERP, OLAP, marketing automation and other mission critical systems within your company. Key to this development has been the adoption of Data-Driven Enterprise Event Planning --or DEEP--tools by forward-thinking Event Planners.

Before the days of DEEP, companies designed their own event management systems. While these “legacy” systems generated ample customer data, they were not very flexible about sharing that data.  As a result, even the most sentient event professionals became alienated from the ERP, finance and Marketing Automation systems that run the modern corporate enterprise.

DEEP tools provide a more powerful platform for Enterprise Event Management than legacy systems because they can work seamlessly with other systems within your company. With DEEP technology, for example, you can use behavioral data generated from marketing automation to plan itineraries, financial data from SAP (or similar programs)  to price floor promotions adequately, and prior registration data to more precisely target social, interactive and email-marketing.

In other words, DEEP tools allow you to use granular data about your attendees compiled from other “best of breed” enterprise systems to help you plan and execute live events that conform precisely to customer wants, needs and desires—leaving attendees with the sensation that you have practically ‘read their minds.’



We could spend from here to infinity talking about all the ways DEEP tools work, but let’s a quick look instead at how a platform like EventMAX from G2Planet helps you pull everything together before the event. When the success of your mission is still unknown. 



The EventMAX platform can help you work back from the event you want your attendees to experience. You can tap into your vendor network to assure they will deliver the promised “experiential” technologies you have in mind while you sync with speakers, sponsors, and other partners to integrate promotional ideas that work toward your goals. Tracking links help you monitor the progress of your network and to check in with them on a consistent basis.

You can create anticipation with your attendees, by highlighting speakers and topics and content that connects attendees on your social media and blog posts. You can also use retargeting to remind people who have begun the registration process to complete their application, and much more.  



A platform like EventMAX allows you to integrate programs that provide you with powerful pre-show analytical capabilities. 

For example, you can analyze the performance of your email messages and related content to find out which messages resonated the most and use the data to modify your efforts as needed. You can also analyze engine marketing and display advertising campaigns for keywords that are working best, campaigns that are reaching your attendee goals, and more.

Best of all, the EventMAX platform allows you to compare the data generated by these marketing automation programs with the behavior of your attendees during and after the event, and more.



The above examples are only a very limited range of what DEEP technologies can do for your enterprise event planning, management and marketing. They allow you to not only integrate with other systems within you company but command respect at the C-level with evidence-based management tools.

You will able to show management what you are thinking with hard data, not hunches. And who knows, you may change a few minds about your plans and goals in the process.


“Mind Melds” not required.