Educational Webinars. A Textbook Post.

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A few weeks back we covered the first of many popular topics for getting people to register for your event--or the use of marketing webinars. Educational webinars are another effective way to generate interest. Educational webinars are designed to help attendees increase their knowledge of a particular subject or to learn how to perform a task or process. They generally fall into one of two categories: 

Product training: This is typically provided to users (customers) of software or complex products to teach them how to use the product more effectively or utilize advanced features. Training may be offered for free as part of the overall product offering or may be a separately billable service, particularly for advanced product training. 

Industry education: This training is delivered to enhance an attendee's knowledge or skills in their profession rather than in a specific product. Though such webinars may be provided for free in certain instances, the training itself is generally a billable service, particularly when continuing education units (CEUs) are offered. Per Wikipedia, "Continuing education or professional development is required in many fields, including teachers, insurance professionals, interior designers/interior architects, lighting designers, architects, engineers, emergency management professionals, school administrators, educators, nurses, mental health professionals, psychologists and social workers." 

From a promotional perspective, the targeting for educational webinars is more narrow and focused than for marketing webinars, so greater use is made of email and direct marketing. The event credential is the same as for marketing webinars (an email containing a webinar admittance code), but for educational sessions, sending automated email reminders prior to the event is even more important.