Don't Go Cold on SEO. 7 Essential Blogs.

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There's a very healthy trend in Event Marketing that goes overlooked. Most of the Influencers in this business have followings that have been generated organically. Contrast that to Paid Influencers who post about the latest in edible make up products to millions of followers at $25,000 a post (the going rate for the top end Influencers.) 

And yet even the best Event Marketing Influencers cannot stay on top of all trends--or those that are more general (yet essential) capabilities like SEO and Advertising. In the best Event Marketing Influencer tradition, SEO can still be generated organically to generate interest in your brand or event. The question is, how do you get the hottest insights in the field when its outside your sphere of influence? 

For that it pays to look outside the industry to people like  Jason Miller, Head of Content and Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn Sales and Marketing Solutions, who recently posted a list of the top 50 blogs in SEO, Advertising and Marketing. Read what he says about his top 7 SEO Favorites: 

It’s one of the fastest-moving areas of marketing – and a skillset that every marketer needs. These blogs will help to keep you where it’s at on search trends

Blind Five Year Old
Blind Five Year Old is an SEO agency and blog run by AJ Kohn. The name comes from a tried-and-tested SEO philosophy: treat search engines like they are blind five year-olds. It’s technical but very authoritative and a must-read if you’re passionate about search.

Search Engine Journal
Mixing news, tips and tactics, this is very much applied search marketing wisdom – and has some great insights for marketers.

Link-building is still a woefully under-appreciated art in SEO and content marketing. Brian Dean’s blog dispenses much-needed, practical wisdom that can make a real difference to your content visibility.

Tubular Insights (formerly ReelSEO)
If you’re planning a role for video content in your strategy then you need to follow this blog. It’s where you find the real juice on what works and what doesn't – from a technical as well as a creative perspective.

The grand-daddy of all SEO blogs, headed up by the legendary Rand Fishkin. It will keep you on top of all the latest developments in search – with plenty of inspiration and new tactics mixed in.

Search Engine Land
More news-focused than the other SEO blogs that I follow, this one gives me absolute confidence that I’m on top of everything I need to know.

SEO by the Sea
I think of this as a living encyclopedia of search. It takes a research-led approach to SEO issues as they come up, combing through published material from the search engines to piece together how things actually work.