Do This & You'll Have Them At "Hello."

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Corporate events are a lot more than "get togethers" for industry professionals. Today they are an extended time period to capture data from a captive audience. Among the countless details event planners must be mindful of, event registration is unquestionably critical.

A well-designed and implemented registration process will get your meeting, conference, seminar, ride & drive, road show, off to a smooth start. And a strong Data-driven Enterprise Event Platform (DEEP) will ensure you capture every detail of their experience. 

_DSC3550While we have already covered some of the elements that go into the ideal registration form, the actual attendee check-in process is basically the same for any live event: the person arrives, verifies their identity in some manner and receives their event credential. It is what happens beyond this point that a Data Driven Enterprise Event Platform (DEEP) really shines as a "single source of truth" for the following events: 

  • Educational Events - Classroom Training and Conferences
  • Experiential Events (including Ride & Drives) and Road Shows
  • Sales Meetings and Kickoffs
  • Customer Conferences

The first two types of events above may be conducted anywhere from several to hundreds of times per year, while complex events like sales and customer meetings are generally held only once or twice annually. Stay tuned to our blog for a deeper dive into each of these events and what it takes to optimize event registration and data collection.

To get started, have a look at this whitepaper on the role of the ecosystem.