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Our staff is at the LA Auto Show this week. One of the more fascinating aspects of this kind of show is the design "language" that each automotive brand displays. Unlike some events, that can be a hodgpodge of different sized booths, table top displays, kitschy giveaways and more, a world-class event like the LA Auto Show is seamlessly designed from start to finish. 

Sleek Car Wheel

These photos show the beauty that is on display at the Show. You will notice that that brands have displays that are harmoniously designed around the product. The displays, in fact, reflect the design language of the cars. Audi has teutonic, straight lines. Cadillac is more angular. Mercedes is opulent and sybaritic (how's that for a design word?!). 

While it is clear that you can stage a master class in design by simply walking around the LA Auto Show, there is is also a very "street-level" benefit to great design.

For one thing, a well designed booth invites you to take pictures and videos galore. When they are no "bad angles" and everything is lit "just right" it's easy for others to impart "star quality" to your brand with their pics, videos and posts. What is your design language?

LA Auto Show Car Display

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