Data Driven Events Captured on New 7-minute Film

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 Corte Madera, CA / April 27, 2018 / PRNewswire / G2Planet debuts an exciting new film on the growing company. Shot “documentary style” in Minneapolis, Orlando and Corte Madera, the 7-minute film takes a “you-are-there” look at the business of data-driven events.  Comments by CEO Mark Granovsky are liberally interspersed with live event footage. The film also features interviews with internal staff who share real; even blunt observations about the challenges of using data to drive event marketing in 2018.

“A Single Source of Truth”

The film gives viewers a closer look at the people behind the company and the industry as a whole. There is some discussion about the truth that data-driven event marketing platforms, in general can be disruptive to the status quo in a company.
G2Planet’s platforms have become popular with analytically-minded event managers. Competitors offerings, on the other hand, are frequently shopped for legacy-oriented functionality designed to extend the value of prior installations. Both approaches have merit.  

The film points out that data-driven systems have been rapidly adopted where they can easily co-exist with other mission critical systems. In the case of G2Planet, for example, that often involves tweaking existing modules to extend up the marketing stack.



Light Sabers and Smiles

The new G2P film stays mainly clear of deep technical discussion and rarely lapses into “biz speak.” What makes it fun to watch instead are the charming cameos of people who staff big events and the quirky stuff they do, like fighting with light sabers, donning cookie monster costumes and myriad other things that make live events a memorable experience.

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