Content Marketing and Corporate Events: Part Three

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This article originally appeared in Corporate Event News

In our final article in this post series we will cover how content marketing can and should be used after the corporate event. Your team and your presenters put a tremendous amount of effort into creating content for your event. Too often, this content is under-utilized (if it's used at all) once the event is over. 

Make that investment in content continue to provide a return by re-purposing and republishing it in different formats over a period of months following the event.

> Blog posts and ebooks: Evaluate every session for use as a blog post (or possibly several blog posts), or even as an ebook. Customer stories, use cases, research-based presentations, and how-to sessions all make great digital content. The presentation slide deck and video transcript provide a great starting point, simplifying and speeding up the work of repurposing session content. 

> Photography: Use related photos and video content to add visual interest to those blog posts and other content. Event photography can also potentially be reused in other marketing collateral and website content. 


> Session videos: Post edited session videos, along with text summaries, on your company YouTube and/or Vimeo channel. This increases exposure to your event content and turns it into assets for search engine optimization. 

> Summary report: Use text, video, and photos to create an interactive online event summary report, highlighting popular sessions and key information shared. This is especially appealing to people who were invited to the event but didn't respond, or who registered but weren't able to attend. It may also be of interest to attendees as well, especially at multi-track events where attendees may not have been able to sit in on every session of interest. 

> Photo/video promotion: Create an online event photo gallery and "highlight video" (featuring attendees talking about the experience/value of the event) to use as promotion for next year's event. Content produced at the event can be used as marketing material for future conferences. 

Concluding Thoughts On This Series:

Content marketing (online) and event marketing (live, face to face) are often thought of different realms. But events involve a tremendous amount of content development. With a bit of planning and effort, the investment in corporate event-related content can be leveraged to provide value from weeks before the event starts to months after it has ended. 

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