Cannes Says "Yes" To Robots and AI

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While there are many who believe in human creativity, the worlds largest gathering of advertising and marketing professionals agreed that there are many things robots--and by extension Artificial Intelligence (AI) can already do better than humans. 

After all, when you attend the storied Cannes Awards you are more likely to sit in on a presentation titled "How will AI shape the future of Hollywood?" or go to a talk called "Androids, AI and the future of human creativity" than debate what makes a good ad, or not. 

In fact, Publicis Groupe, the ad agency conglomerate blew off the festival and to "reinvest" in an internal communications computer program called Marcel, but then did an about-turn to show off the aforementioned new platform at the festival. 

No mention whatsoever of their ad campaigns. 

We can't say for sure that the robots have taken over this traditional festival of creativity and branding there is no doubt that areas like  programmatic advertising, where adverts are automatically placed on websites and targeted at people based on their online browsing, are taking over the advertising space online. 

This is all hyper-relevant for event marketing professionals as they move from a mass marketed approach for large events to one to one that offers a more personalized event marketing experience.