Can a "Lose | Lose" be the best decision?

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At G2Planet we continually explore advanced technologies for planning. Right now, Artitfical Intelligence (AI) is mostly a buzz word, but in the future it has a lot of potential to help us make better decisions. AI can be programmed to model any kind of outcome (provided you get the logic right), which means it can make decisions based a broader and more precise set of outcomes than people can. Futurist Shelly Palmer gave us a great example of AI's potential using Game Theory, a classic decision making framework for economists. 

the roaming platypus game theory dystopia

As he states in this post, "Outside of a gaming environment, a dominant strategy may not always be the best strategy, nor does it necessarily always lead to the best outcomes." Read his essay to see how a "lose|lose" strategy might actually be the best opition. A distinction that AI could easily make, despite being totally counterintuitive to Humans. 

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