A Brilliant Budget Reducer for Video. An Experiential Must.

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Experiential marketing can involve a bad "big budget" experience when it comes to video. With a little practice, however, you capture the "cinematic look" in your event footage for less than the lunch budget for a commercial shoot. 

The truth is that smartphones have offered 4K video since 2015 -- well before consumer cameras. This has given manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and LG time to perfect the vaunted "movie look" from a simple cell phone. While high-end smartphones today can run close to $1000.00, there are some amazing options out there.

Better yet, as you will see in this updated post, you can actually buy a dedicated professional movie camera for around 1k (which cost up to 65k just a few years back.) 

One of our favorite phones is the LG V30, which you can purchase (refurbished) for half the cost of an iPhoneX. This phone offers the "cinelook" filter than you can also find on higher end cameras to make your footage really shine. The V30 also offers studio-approved filters (called Look Up Tables LUTs) designed to reproduce the look of 26 different movie genres. You can even buy or add LUTs from specific movies for added effect. 

If you want to really go all out-- try the Black Magic Cinema Pocket Cinema Pocket Camera. While the latest version of this camera will run you around 1000.00 (you can find the first generation cameras online for half of that) this camera will allow you to shoot 4k video to a very high cinema spec (different than merely a filter). The issue with a high end dedicated cinema camera like this is that the footage requires upgraded post-production software to "colorize" correctly.

However--and this is critical--you can hand off your footage to any professional videographer to "correct" and, thereby, cut the cost of the actual production shoot in half--because you are shooting the footage. While 1k is not pocket change for a "pocket camera" consider that just 5 years ago (or less) shooting this kind of digital footage required professional movie cameras that started at approximately 65,000.00. (That is NOT a typo.) 

Once you have the right phone (or camera), one very low-cost way to capture cool footage is to shoot some yourself and then crowdsource footage from attendees.  All it takes is a website that offers some basic editing software to serve as a "bulletin board" for attendees to upload their videos--which is exactly what VJ Mayor, Senior Director of Communications at the National Confectioners Association did last year.

"We asked attendees to use their smartphones [to shoot video] because the power of the camera in a smartphone is almost as good as an actual camera—most shoot in 4K or 1080p high definition,” said Mayor.

The video was then uploaded onto a site that offered a simple post-editing program (in this case Adobe Premiere Elements) to allow attendees to make quick edits. The NCA then worked with a few professional video companies (Seenit, and 5:00 films) to edit them into longer videos for their 2018 marketing purposes. 

The most brilliant thing about "smartphone" video footage from an event is that attendees have the chance to see their own footage appear in the "Big Lights" of a professionally done event video. And it does not have to be a Hollywood Blockbuster to make attendees feel like Stars.

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