Behind the Experience: BMC Engage 2016

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BMC Engage 2016

BMC Engage is an annual four-day global user conference that brings together BMC's IT community from around the world. BMC Engage 2016 was held from September 6th - 9th at the ARIA Convention Center in Las Vegas. It was the most successful event to date, with over 2,000 attendees present. Engage provides a forum for BMC and IT professionals such as administrators, developers, and architects to share how the power of technology can be leveraged to fundamentally transform businesses. This conference focuses on the tools, training, and technology that are currently driving today's digital transformation by featuring 300 technical sessions, 90+ customer sessions, as well as valuable opportunities to network with BMC's 170 ecosystem partners. 

Engage 2016 Highlights

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"My favorite part of the event was seeing all the attendees go into the opening keynote session. There was dramatic lighting and music that built up the excitement and it really set the tone. The entire process was electric to watch as BMC geared up to to kick off the conference."

-Ashley Norton, G2Planet Client Services Manager 


 David Rowan BMC Engage.jpg

This year's keynote speakers featured David Rowan, the Editor in Chief of WIRED Magazine in the UK, (pictured above) who spoke on how technological changes are currently driving businesses. The other featured keynote speaker was Sandra Ng, Group VP at IDC, who addressed the trends and imperatives of the digital business environment today. 

We heard from BMC executives Bob Beauchamp (CEO), Paul Appleby (VP of Sales and Marketing), and Robin Purohit (Group President of ESO) as they laid out BMC's future vision, the implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as how BMC's Digital Enterprise Management helps drive today's digital transformation. 


BMC Engage Customer Innovation Award

Each year, BMC announces thier BMC Engage Customer Innovation Award to honor their most innovative customers. This year, Wegmans Foods Market was honored for their digital IT achievements. In addition, BMC also honored various channel partners as well. 

G2Planet Impact

G2Planet would like to extend our sincerest thank you to BMC for letting us help manage and execute their biggest annual event. Our EventMAX event management software platform was responsible for managing BMC's exhibitors and sponsors, as well as the entire attendee expererience from Registration, Event Agenda Builder, Session Scanning and Tracking, and much more. In particular, BMC and exhibitors derived a lot of value from our Session Scanning and Tracking Reporting, On-site Registration support, as well as our Lead Capture Software and Devices. 

We appreciate all of the positive feedback we have received from BMC. Engage 2016 was one of the smoothest events they have ever had, and it's a great testament of our successful partnership with BMC. We look forward to continuing to help BMC execute their future event marketing needs.  

Thank you BMC!


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