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Our blog has been called "best new blog in events,"* and our whitepapers are why. Don't miss our NEW whitepaper on Experiential Event Marketing. This whitepaper includes a free experiential event planning tool that covers everything you need to plan more holistically.  Download here or by clicking on the paper below.

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When used in conjunction with our free tool, this new whitepaper will help you: 

  1. Increase brand impressions through prizes optimized according to the smart algorithms discussed above as well as experiences with seamlessly integrated social media amplification and more.
  2. Increase brand engagement through totally integrated yet widely diverse experiential tactics, including multiple events in a single venue.
  3. Provide metrics and a framework for measurement, including ROI on events and activities and the value delivered to the wider enterprise. And more. 

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* Source: ABd 2018, "Blogs, Buzz and Brands."