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While this article in Forbes magazine is written for consumers, it showcases the value of the data collected from driving. Ride and Drives are a great way to collect data on consumer preferences that automakers can use to fine tune the consumer experience. Some manufacturers are taking things a step further by mounting cameras in the cars to snap video and gifs that can be shared instantly online by the driver (not while driving, of course).
As this article states, using contextual data to personalize the user experience, "has become almost mandatory across all industries, be they retail, banking, healthcare, telecom or even sports. For example, Manchester City football club recently launched “Cityzens”, a digital platform that will utilize user data to offer a personalized experience for fans, while facilitating fan engagement.
The difference between this experiential content and content that is generated purely online is that one is totally organic - while the other is occasionally suspect. At the bottom line, whether you make cars, computers or clothing, a strong data collection system helps you capture information you might profit from. 

 frequently used input streams for data capture
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