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Tom Pick

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The Events Expert Interview Series #30: Victoria Matey

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Victoria Matey is co-founder of Seattle-based Matey Events, a business events consulting firm for event organisers and event attendees. With 15 years of events industry experience and a Master’s in International Events Management, she helps event organisers design impactful events and provide quality event experiences. 

Balancing Personalization With Privacy: 3 Experts Take an In-Depth Look

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User privacy is a very public conversation today. It seems that every week that some story is coming out about Facebook, Google or Amazon selling user data without permission and so on and so forth. An event provides the opportunity to generate deep behavioral information about attendees, especially with a decent data collection platform. Our industry has so far been spared of scandals about data privacy. We are encouraged that many experts continue to think deeply about the subject nonetheless. We share three penetrating insights from three key influencers here below.

Keeping it Simple: 6 Influencers Share Their Insights

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It's a bit blunt but the K-I-S-S method (keep it simple stupid) is an approach that all experts in event planning agree on. The trick is how to transform that simplicity into powerful solutions for live events that make you look brilliant and here six influencers share their thoughts. 

The Event Experience: 7 Key Influencers Weigh In

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Enhancing the event experience is a timeless benefit with technological constraints. As key influencers look at ways of pushing the envelope in 2019 they also remain realistic about recommending achievable enhancements over leading edge ideas. What follows are the comments from a lively group of experts.

The Biggest Influencers on the Largest Trends: Part Three

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In our final installment in this series we wrap up with industry comments on some new and essential technologies and other aspects of the event experience. Among the many topics covered are video and live-streaming, automated check in, influencer marketing, and digital displays. A special thanks to all those who have participated in this series.

The Biggest Influencers on the Largest Trends: Part Two

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In this second installment of our interviews with top influencers on trends opinions continue to vary.

25 Event Industry Blogs to Follow. Worldwide.

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Editors note: In the past two years, our "Event Industry Blogs To Follow" has become one of the most popular sections of G2Blog. This year, we've added 25 new blogs to follow -- both in the United States and around the world. That puts our featured blogs at 55 total and counting. Enjoy. 

24 Event Blogs to Follow. Part One: The Pond-Hoppers.

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We've previously showcased 20 Best Event Industry Blogs to Follow and 11 More of the Best Event Industry Blogs to Follow.  We've also showcased numerous  associations which provide education and networking opportunities, podcasts to listen to on the go, and live events designed for event pros.

The Top 22 Live Events Worldwide for Event Professionals

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This is a follow up to our previous post on the top live events. Today we cover events overseas which are just as lively as scene on these shores...

Events in the UK and Ireland


M&IT Awards @EventsEducation London

The Top 31 Live Events in the U.S. for Event Professionals

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We begin our list of the top events in the United States for event professionals. By week's end we will have covered all the essential events for you to attend worldwide. It's a challenge to stay ahead of the game here for a variety of reasons.  

The Biggest Influencers On The Largest Trends. (First in a series).

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When you ask more than two dozen top events industry professionals for their insights on technology trends, the answers (no surprise) are fascinating.

The Top 22 Professional Associations for Event Planners.

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(NOTE: This article originally appeared in Corporate Event News, January 9, 2019).