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Tom Pick

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Nine Event Data Collection Technologies to Help You Really Know and Understand Attendees

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The top objective for event planners is delivering great experiences for attendees. A top expectation of attendees is receiving personalized event experiences.

The Top 10 Posts on G2Blog for 2019

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We cover a lot of ground here on G2Blog every year. Here are the posts and topics that you, our awesome readers, found most valuable in 2019.

The Biggest Trends in the Events Industry for 2020, According to 10 Top Event Profs

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The Most Important Things to Do After Your B2B Event

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As their title implies, event planners spend a lot of their time planning for upcoming events: selecting and booking the ideal venue, developing a theme, setting strategic goals, scheduling sessions, booking speakers, etc..

Where Live Events Fit in the Marketing Funnel (Research)

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Event marketing has traditionally been viewed as primarily a top-of-the-funnel marketing channel. Trade shows and exhibitions, particularly, are places to generate leads. And maybe talk to a few active prospects and customers.

The Top 18 Certifications for Event Professionals

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Although event planning is not among the professions that require a license, earning one or more recognized certifications is still important for event professionals.

Eight Essential Insights for Event Pros from the 2019 State of Marketing Report

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Live events remain one of the largest line items in corporate marketing budgets, and most companies plan to maintain or increase spending levels this year.

Live Events Rule as Full-Funnel Engagement Channel [Research]

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Despite the amount of attention focused on digital interaction technologies like social media and chatbots, old-school marketing channels like email and (even older-school) live events still perform best.

How Can You Work More Effectively? 9 Women Experts Lean In.

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It Goes to 11. The Best Podcasts for Event Pros in 2019.

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If it seems everybody and their brother has a podcast today, you are correct. Podcasts are exploding in popularity, especially for event pros. There are so many great podcasts that we have simply blown past a Top 10 and taken it to 11. (Spinal Tap association intended.)

Numbers aside, what is really interesting about this years' list is that some pundits are claiming that podcasts may be taking over blogs as a means of getting industry news and information. 

The How, What, and Which of Enterprise Event Marketing

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Amid the profusion of digital marketing channels, there's still no experience as compelling as a prospective buyer and seller meeting face to face. Nearly three decades after the popularization of email and the launch of the worldwide web, events remain a thriving and growing marketing channel.


According to the Event Manager Blog, more than four out of five B2B marketers use in-person events in their marketing mix, and events are still viewed as "the most effective form of content marketing for B2B marketers."

4 Key Insights from the IACC Meeting Room of the Future Report

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Trends, technology, and preferences in the events industry change fast. If you're planning events based on research from even a couple of years ago, you may be behind the curve.