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Tom Pick

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Strategic Imperative or Gig Economy: Where is Event Planning Going in 2020? (After COVID-19)

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In January, the outlook for the events industry appeared bright through 2020. Obviously, that's changed.

The Four Most Important Findings for Corporate Event Planners from the 2020 Global Meetings and Events Forecast

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Event professionals of all types—from corporations, associations, vendors, and agencies—and from around the world are "very optimistic" about the outlook for the events industry in the coming year.

How to Choose Event Venues, Part 2: Better Practices

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In part 1 of this series, we asked a group of top professionals how event planners most commonly go about selecting venues today. They shared their observations about current practices.

How to Choose Event Venues, Part 1: Current Practices

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One of the first activities in planning an event—after setting the goals and creating an initial rough-cut budget—is choosing the venue.

Four Crucial Conclusions from The State of the Experience Industry Report

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According to recent industry research from American Express, most event professionals are optimistic about the outlook for 2020. But many are also concerned about budget constraints, particularly given the increasing expectations of attendees for unique event experiences.

14 Incredible Women in Event Tech Talk About the Biggest Change Event Pros Will Have to Adapt to in 2020

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Event professionals use many different words to describer their world: Vital. Stressful. Exciting. Exhausting. Rewarding.

12 Key Stats and Facts from the State of Experiential Research Study

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Budgets for experiential marketing are growing, though quantifying the value of live events remains a challenge. A clear majority of both brand-side and agency pros believe that diversity and inclusion are important in event strategy, but both groups also feel they are doing a pretty good job in this area.

How to Use Live Events to Build Your Digital Brand

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Event professionals understand the value of live, face-to-face interaction for building brand credibility and engagement. Digital marketing is more about increasing brand reach and online visibility.

The 2020 Outlook for Events: Four Key Insights from MPI

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Despite uncertainty, event planners remain optimistic about the industry outlook for 2020.

What's the Biggest Trend for Event Professionals in 2020? 14 Awesome Women in Event Tech Answer

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We asked 14 brilliant event professionals about the biggest industry trend for 2020, and discovered...there isn't one. That is, there is no single "big trend."

The Most Important Factors When Buying Event Technology (Part Two...sort of)

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As with any enterprise technology decision, corporate marketers have to consider many factors when selecting event technology: functionality, compatibility with existing systems, ease of implementation, ease of use, and vendor support, to name a few.

The Biggest Event Technology Trends of 2020, According to 14 Amazing Women in Event Tech (Re-post)

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When we asked 14 of the smartest women in event technology to name the top tech trends for the coming year, two findings jumped out: