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Martin Walker

Martin Walker

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Why "13" Is Your New Lucky Number

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In Neocon’s Architectural Principals talk, I was told that pictures look more interesting when they are grouped in odd numbers. The more pictures you hang, the more this is true.

Considering groups of pictures indivisible by two, “more interesting”, seems like an error in rational thinking. But, I can see how larger groups of pictures can work together in drawing our attention. Every picture contains an idea, which can be rearranged and combined with the ideas from the other pictures, making the total experience more stimulating. So, we decided to apply the many picture concept to our blog in an effort ideas and your events stay novel. Please enjoy 13 entirely random yet memorable ways you can improve your next event.

Why you should listen up about "listening in."

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The practice of analyzing conversations that get the most attention on your site--and then building new online content and conversations around them is hot. The popular platform Sprout Social puts their popularity in perspective: 

NEW Planning Tool Organizes the Event Experience

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Have you downloaded your new planning tool for experiential marketing yet? Designed to be used in conjunction with Whitepaper 6: Experiential Event Planning, this super handy spreadsheet tool puts over 20 years of G2Planet event planning experience at your fingertips. It also functions as a great complement to many of the expert insights you'll find in the exclusive interviews only available on G2Planet's blog. 

Click the icon below to download now. 

Johnny Depp, Barbie Dolls and Your Event?

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Did you know that Johnny Depp has a substantial collection of Barbie Dolls? Now let's say you ran a Barbie Doll Expo, would you have him on your invite list?  Why not?  And with that in mind, what other oversights or outright mistakes do you think you might be making with your event planning? 

Here are 5 that come to mind: 

The Best Time(s) to Post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

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What's the best time of day to post on social media? If you were hoping that the best time to post on core social media sites was after luck. We mention this because if you are like most event planners you probably don't have a single person devoted to following social media on a 24|7 schedule. Fortunately there are all kinds of time-saving tools to help you make a post from a single dashboard, create content and more. 

What The Russians Know About Events. (We'll Bet on It.)

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The "Russians" have become a well known entity in the world of online politics. They are also a force in the in the world of online betting, multi-player gaming and sweepstakes based on cryptocurrencyThis market is worth studying for corporate event marketers because cryptography and neural networks currently represent the bleeding edge of AI technologies applied to promotional tactics. 

Why Event Marketing Creates the Most Valuable Data

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With continuously improving technologies for processing and analysis, marketing data is only becoming more valuable. And so, we find ourselves in a modern day gold rush, with an ever intensifying desire to find new mines.

This post explores a modern day El Dorado -- the data generated by live events and conferences, which remains largely untapped. (But only after squeezing every last drop out of this gold mining analogy.)

How to Collect Data at Your Next Event Part 1 [Infographic]

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For event planners, 2017's dominant narrative has focused on collecting and analyzing data. Visit any event related blog (ours included) and you will find a bunch of articles prostelyzing the neccisity of taking a data-driven attitude, typical to digital marketing, and applying it to event management.

Running Events with Flexible Technology Makes Them Better

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An Example of Flexible Thinking

New York City’s High Line is a walking path on the eastern edge of Manhattan, both sides lined with sumptuous green gardens, and raised roughly three stories above street level, providing a unique view of the city streets below. It is one of the 21st century’s best examples of flexible thinking. For around fifty years, the High Line was a rusting, disused train track, part of a line that was no longer connected to the city’s transit system, and by all accounts an eyesore. Now it is one of New York’s best-loved parks, and a perfect analogy for the way good event planners think.