Mark Granovsky

Mark Granovsky

Mark Granovsky is the founder and CEO of G2Planet. Driven by an abundant desire to create and ‘be in service,’ Mark has applied his artistry to pioneering new software and technology-based solutions for corporate event marketing departments. When he is not busy guiding G2Planet or helping clients solve business challenges, Mark spends his time with his wonderful wife and being a loving father to his 4 children while also getting in the swimming pool a few times a week to stay in shape.

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Convention Center Maps Go 3-D

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The Palm Springs Convention Center sees a great deal of business. Now they'll be showing off in 3D as well with their new interactive 3D map platform of the Center. Link here to take a closer look as this innovative platform

A Brilliant Budget Reducer for Video. An Experiential Must.

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Experiential marketing can involve a bad "big budget" experience when it comes to video. With a little practice, however, you capture the "cinematic look" in your event footage for less than the lunch budget for a commercial shoot. 

The truth is that smartphones have offered 4K video since 2015 -- well before consumer cameras. This has given manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and LG time to perfect the vaunted "movie look" from a simple cell phone. While high-end smartphones today can run close to $1000.00, there are some amazing options out there.

Better yet, as you will see in this updated post, you can actually buy a dedicated professional movie camera for around 1k (which cost up to 65k just a few years back.) 

10 Directions That Video is Headed in 2018. INFOGRAPHIC.

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Video marketing is exploding online. This is because you will receive 20X the engagement from a video posting over a text only post. We have shared in previous posts some of the best ways to generate high quality|low cost video for your event promotions here (a brilliant solution for low-cost video.) Here is an infographic to help you visualize the trends. 

The Mother of all Influencers. Mary Meeker's Internet Trends for 2018.

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Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins provides THE definitive presentation on the state of the internet every year. Her presentation is an annual watershed for the tech sector and is followed by everyone who is anyone in the business. This is a great synopsis and presentation that you can view here. (You can download the entire deck for free at this link.) 

Get Strategic! Follow These 4 Essential Event Marketing Trends.

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Number 1: Follow the 3Cs of Content.

This one is is easy to agree with but hard to accomplish. That is because anyone who can write today can go find a list to follow or regurgitate someone else's stuff. At the bottom line quality content should be relevant, useful and ultimately differentiating for your brand. In other words, great content creates the "aha" moment. The key to creating quality content is to follow--in declining order--these 3Cs: 

1) Created (original) content is best and should comprise at least 80% of your content bucket. This means you'll have to hire an agency or bring a write on staff if you want to get serious about it. 

2) Curated content is a bit of a punt--but it is still useful if it is engaging. Make it about 15% of your bucket. 

3) Commercial content is the stuff you can buy. You can also hire an "influencer" to guest blog for you for a week or two. This can be tricky, however, because this hired gun's traffic goes away once they stop blogging for you. In other words their fans do not always translate into fans that love your brand. In the worst cases they may even be followers that influencer has bought on fiverr (but that is becoming very rare in 2018.) 

Here is a helpful link to creating more  relevant content this year. 

Number 2: Instagram. 

If you think Instagram is just for posers and millenials, you are missing the biggest professional trend in social media. According to Entrepreneur, 800 million people use the platform everyday, and it is expected that number to rise in 2018. 

The best event marketers work with Data Driven Enterprise Event (DEEP) platfoms (particularly at Auto Shows) that allow you to set up all kinds of instant sharing opportunities for attendees at shows along with metadata you can harvest to understand more about the likes and dislikes of your audience. 

Number 3: 360 Degree Video. Get in on the ground floor. 

This insight comes from Valoso, a digital marketing and video production company. The use of 360 media is expected to rise in 2018 and 2019 because it provides a unique bird's eye view of the action on the event floor. The trick to getting this cool footage is to have a partner that can post a 360 camera -- which looks more like a basketball made out of camera lenses. It's super cool to have this footage streaming in your booth--but make sure you hire someone who has already mastered this very tricky art. 

Number 4: Influencer Marketing. Follow our List of 29.

Influencers have always been a useful channel for event marketing. Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey says that two thirds of your online audience will pay more attention to experts in the field that recommend your brand over a purely outbound message that you deliver yourself. We urge caution however with overusing "influencers" as many of these people can overstate their influence and/or credibility. 

A few months back we created a list of 29 influencers that can be considered trusted experts in event marketing. Following any of these will give you a good base network to begin an influencer campaign. 

Now Go Beyond Our List. Download Our Latest Whitepaper on Events, Email and Beyond.

The World's First Interactive Interview Wall

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This is an interesting twist on the interview backdrop.  The Wally Smart Wall, developed in Israel, is a solution that can replace the undynamic gray backdrops that are often used to carry out on-camera interviews. According to the company, their wall now enables sponsors to communicate directly with their target market through video content and dedicated interactive messages. 

Comprised of a row of screens situated within the exact frame of the ongoing interview, Wally can carry out what they call "active marketing" with any crowd. Or, in essence, pack a lot more messaging into the frame of your interview--which is particularly helpful if your subject is a little short on charisma. 

Why Chatbots Are A Popular New Trend

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Chatbots are an emerging trend in the event marketing space, according to a recent report published by Technavio. 

When To Ask Your Agency To Take a Haircut. Lessons from The Biebs'.

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Some companies change event marketing partners as often as Justin Bieber used to changed his hair cut. While we realize busy event executives like you probably didn’t notice it, the Biebs’ has actually been lovin’ his new 'do for a year or two. (DIY instructions included!) 

So what changed? And what does the Biebs' have to do with asking your agency to take a serious haircut on their services?

We imagine he got to “I do” with his new doo' by drawing up a list of reasons for why his old sytlists had to go. In that same vein, allow us a little fun with our own Top 5 reasons to get tough with your current event agency … and one reason not to.



Story. An experiential success, um, Story.

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It's not often that we report a company acquisition on G2Blog, but this one is a must-read story. Macy's Inc. M, +0.00% said Wednesday that it has acquired Story, a New York City retailer that changes the store design and merchandise every four-to-eight weeks.  Here is a more in-depth version of how this innovative retail--and experiential--partner works. 

Data Driven Events Captured on New 7-minute Film

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 Corte Madera, CA / April 27, 2018 / PRNewswire / G2Planet debuts an exciting new film on the growing company. Shot “documentary style” in Minneapolis, Orlando and Corte Madera, the 7-minute film takes a “you-are-there” look at the business of data-driven events.  

Using Facebook's People-Based Data for Events

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Rich, behavioral data is the edge that Facebook offers for event analytics. While its data collection practices have been in the news lately, its core functionality remains beyond reproach. And that is a real advantage for event managers who might have been reticent to dive more deeply into Facebook Analytics. 

Selling Tickets Online. What's In Your Bucket?

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Selling tickets online today is a cinch. While numerous point solutions exist for selling tickets, it is important that they are interoperable with your event planning software, otherwise you're never going to "shoot par" when it comes to hitting targets.  

While they are as many point solutions for selling tickets out there as there are events (only a mild overstatement!) here are a few tips to follow when you are sourcing out software to sell tickets online.