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Mark Granovsky

Mark Granovsky

Mark Granovsky is the founder and CEO of G2Planet. Driven by an abundant desire to create and ‘be in service,’ Mark has applied his artistry to pioneering new software and technology-based solutions for corporate event marketing departments. When he is not busy guiding G2Planet or helping clients solve business challenges, Mark spends his time with his wonderful wife and being a loving father to his 4 children while also getting in the swimming pool a few times a week to stay in shape.

Recent Posts by Mark Granovsky:

7 Tips to a superior Ride & Drive. Includes FREE download.

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At G2Planet, we believe ride & drives are the most impactful type of event activation in automotive event marketing. Once you have defined the basic technology platform for your ride & drive program, you can enhance the ride & drive experience by leveraging smarter software technology.

Your guest's impression of the ride & drive event will be directly impacted by the smart technology used to produce the event. We have provided 7 tips to create a more impactful ride & drive program for your guests.

The #1 Most Effective Way to Reach Buyers

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Although digital marketing may capture more online search interest, trade shows and other in-person events remain the most widely used and most effective lead generation tactic for enterprise marketers. 

Experiential Marketing Best Practices

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While there is no “single quiver” to achieve the benefits of modern experiential marketing, the following tactics and practices are currently used by almost all the world’s leading brands.

Do Your Management Systems Meet Your Standards?

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High expectations and corresponding investments of time and resources require management systems that are not currently being provided to address events as an integral part of the business. Event marketing professionals paradoxically find themselves awash in tools, yet lacking critical functionality.

4 Steps to Maximizing Event ROI

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The best events are those that create both memorable experiences for attendees and measurable value for the business.

The 3 Cs of Content

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The 3 Cs of content are easy to agree with, but can be much more difficult to execute. That is because anyone who can write today can go find a list to follow or regurgitate someone else's stuff. At the bottom line, quality content should be relevant, useful and ultimately differentiating for your brand. In other words, great content creates the "aha" moment. The key to creating quality content is to follow these 3 Cs: 

Experience on the Big Stage. Plan for It.

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Experiential is one of the hottest trends in marketing right now. Brands are shifting more marketing dollars away from traditional advertising into experiential marketing and agencies are adapting to this paradigm shift. Here is a way to stay ahead of the curve. 

The Best of the "Best Practices" For Experiential Marketing

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Excerpted from Whitepaper 6 "Experiential Event Marketing" -- download paper at end of this post:  While there is no “single quiver” to achieve the benefits of modern experiential marketing, the following tactics and practices are currently used by almost all the world’s leading brands.

AVAILABLE NOW: Experiential Event Marketing

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Our blog has been called "best new blog in events,"* and our whitepapers are why. Don't miss our NEW whitepaper on Experiential Event Marketing. This whitepaper includes a free experiential event planning toolthat covers everything you need to plan more holistically.  Download here or by clicking on the paper below.

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Cannes Says "Yes" To Robots and AI

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While there are many who believe in human creativity, the worlds largest gathering of advertising and marketing professionals agreed that there are many things robots--and by extension Artificial Intelligence (AI) can already do better than humans. 

Convention Center Maps Go 3-D

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The Palm Springs Convention Center sees a great deal of business. Now they'll be showing off in 3D as well with their new interactive 3D map platform of the Center. Link here to take a closer look as this innovative platform

A Brilliant Budget Reducer for Video. An Experiential Must.

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Experiential marketing can involve a bad "big budget" experience when it comes to video. With a little practice, however, you capture the "cinematic look" in your event footage for less than the lunch budget for a commercial shoot. 

The truth is that smartphones have offered 4K video since 2015 -- well before consumer cameras. This has given manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and LG time to perfect the vaunted "movie look" from a simple cell phone. While high-end smartphones today can run close to $1000.00, there are some amazing options out there.

Better yet, as you will see in this updated post, you can actually buy a dedicated professional movie camera for around 1k (which cost up to 65k just a few years back.)