7 Tips to a superior Ride & Drive. Includes FREE download.

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At G2Planet, we believe ride & drives are the most impactful type of event activation in automotive event marketing. Once you have defined the basic technology platform for your ride & drive program, you can enhance the ride & drive experience by leveraging smarter software technology.

Your guest's impression of the ride & drive event will be directly impacted by the smart technology used to produce the event. We have provided 7 tips to create a more impactful ride & drive program for your guests.

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1. Provide a higher level of service to your guests 

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2. Personalize the guest experience by gathering data on personal interests to create psychographic profiles. For example: 

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3. Make the experience more enjoyable for your guests

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4. Raise Awareness and Education

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We suggest deploying an edutainment game (educate-through-entertainment) on an in-vehicle mounted iPad, on a kiosk in lounge areas, or as part of pre/post-event email campaign. 

After the experience, include links to vehicle content in the personalized 'Thank You' email.



5. Build the Relationship

The key to building a stronger relationship is through superior data, focused targeting, and strong engagement. 

ride & drive 3.pngGathering better data allows for a more meaningful and pointed dialogue, which creates a more intimate relationship with your guest.

The faster and more on-point your follow ups are, helps communicate importance and value. This helps you create a more meaningful relationship. 

To increase engagement, activate photo marketing. Photo marketing has been proven to elongate the event experience, plus it delivers a personalized keepsake.


6. Increase Amplification

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Leverage CRM for pre-event database marketing and advertising will more generate awareness, activate participation, and increase driving attendance.

Offer the option to register using Facebook and to post on the guest's wall, consider integrating a reward (i.e. drawing or points program) to incentivize the guest to share on social media and generate word of mouth awareness.

Make sure you activate post-event photo delivery sharing on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+).                                         


7. Improve Event Operations and Performance Reporting

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Activate the Concierge application for improved onsite operations management

Activate the Drivers scanning application will provide more accurate counts of ride & drives, this data is sent to the Command Center for reporting. 

Allowing enterprise oversight for improvements with Event Planning. This is provided in the administration website and used by the multi-vendor agency team. 

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