5 Reasons to Break Up with Your Event Planning Agency (And 1 Reason Not To)

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Time_to_change_your_event_agencyFigure One: "How-To" for an old haircut


Some companies change event marketing partners as often as Justin Bieber used to changed his hair cut. While we realize busy event executives like you probably didn’t notice it, the Biebs’ has actually been lovin’ his new 'do for a year or two.                                                                         

So what changed? And what the heck does Justin Bieber have to do with ditching your event planning agency? 

Well, we can imagine that he got to “I do” with his new 'do by drawing up a list of reasons for why his old stylists had to go. In that same vein, allow G2Planet have a little fun with our own Top 5 reasons to ditch your current event agency … and one reason not to.

Time_to_change_event_agencies                                                    Figure Two: "New Look" Bieber

Reason #1: Lack of Actionable Data

Sporting a new "twist" for your events has a great deal to do with immediately analyzing what worked and what didn't in the past. While every good event planning agency has ideas, what you need today is actionable evidence for what to do next. Without hard data from your agency (or your own internal event strategy & planning software that puts data at your fingertips), it might be time to ask for a haircut on their bills - at the very least.

Reason #2: Poor Back End Support

This next reason is critical. An agency that can’t get past the surface to support your enterprise planning and goals is like having a stylist that runs out of rollers in the middle of a perm. Having a firm that provides technical support, is U.S. based, and available 24-7 is the backbone of any successful event technology system implementation. G2PLanet has supported clients like Cisco and Intel with over 99% up time since 2006. 

Reason #3: "Because I Said So..."

It's hard to imagine that an event planning agency could act like a saucy hairstylist when it comes to explaining their "new inspirations," but it happens. This is a sure sign that they are either taking you for granted or that they've been sniffing their own hairspray a little too long.

Reason #4: Inadequate Responsiveness

On the other hand, sometimes a Prima Donna just needs to have their loose strands clipped. It is possible that they may have a big idea but simply lack an easy way to get it across. Whether you have an urgent issue that needs resolution, or a last minute strategy pivot, your agency partners should feel like members of your own internal team and always be available.

Reason #5: Lack of "Wow Factor"

While we can’t know for sure, this is probably what Justin Bieber was looking for more than anything when it came time to settle on a haircut that would help him weather the transition from teen idol to the tattooed mini-mogul he is today.

Someone wowed him. Just like your agency partner did at one time too.

The best event technology infrastructure today can elevate data into planning dashboards that can help cooler agencies - and super cool ideas - prevail. Ask G2Planet how we do it. 

And the 1 Reason Not To... 

G2Planet. That’s right. Reaching out to the Event Planning Data Gurus at G2Planet can give you all kinds of tools to help you and your agency “get the band back together."  And rock.

For more information, reach us here or call us at 415-489-0860.


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