4 Steps to Maximizing Event ROI

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The best events are those that create both memorable experiences for attendees and measurable value for the business.

1) Resources

If your company is among the 63 percent planning to spend more on events this year, make sure to maximize the value of those investments. If trade shows and conferences are part of your plan, evaluate opportunities to assure you’re participating in the right gatherings. Set clear goals, have a plan and the technology in place to measure results, and take advantage of every opportunity to collect data.

If your company is not planning to allocate more funds to event marketing this year, figure out why. If the problem lies with event selection, strategy, technology, or measurement, it’s fixable. Event marketing works; don’t let competitors capitalize on your absence!

2) Data

Make use of the data you collect, in both marketing and sales. From a marketing standpoint, understanding what worked (and what didn’t) in terms of communications, activities, and topics can help the team produce even better results at the next event. And the more that’s known about an individual’s journey map at an event, the better and more engaging the conversation sales can have with that customer or prospect.

3) Technology

Take advantage of advanced event technology to move beyond basic logistical, tactical functions. The right technology not only enables your company to capture more value from each event, but also enhances your brand image. For example, personalizing welcome messages on display screens at the event and providing event check-in using facial recognition technology not only improves the event experience for attendees, it positions your brand as leading edge and tech savvy.

4) Tools

Use all the tools available (including social media and surveys) to understand how attendees are learning about your event and what content and opinions they are sharing it about it. Consider using gamification and/or social media display monitors to encourage social sharing.

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