3 Follow Up Must-Do's After Every Ride & Drive Event

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After your ride & drive program wraps up, you can just feel the weight lift off your shoulders. However, before you get too relaxed there is still critical follow up work to be done after the ride & drive  concludes. We have identified 3 post - ride & drive best practices you should follow to help maximize engagement and CRM accuracy. 

3 Follow Up Must-Do's After Every Ride & Drive Event

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1. 'Tha#7.pngnk You' Follow Up Email

Every ride & drive activation should include sending guests a personalized email after the event, thanking them for their participation and providing them with things promised at the event (i.e. vehicle collateral, dealer information, links to games, or drawings, etc.). This email should be automatically delivered out from your system without any manual intervention. The system should allow you the discretion to set a time-delay on the delivery of this email if you choose.

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Elements of a classy follow-up ‘thank you’ email include:
  • Level of Personalization - at a minimum the email should include the guest's name and the name of the ride & drive event. 
  • Links to more product information - within the email, based on the consumer's vehicle of interest
  • Delivery of a purchase incentive - via an image or link included in the email
  • Delivery of a picture - ideally a photo of the guest in their vehicle of interest, if photo marketing is activated (recommended)

The email should also provide you with the configurability to include links for the guest to share on social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+).

Lastly, the internal facing / behind-the-curtain administration website should provide you email delivery reports telling you how many emails were delivered, opened, forwarded, bounced back, and the number of guests that opted out of future email contact.

#9.png 2. CRM Data Transfer

Sales leads and their profile data collected at the ride & drive should be sent to your CRM system(s) as soon as possible, ideally in real-time. It’s not uncommon for this data to be transferred to multiple CRM systems, depending on your existing IT infrastructure and the types of data collected.

3 Data Transfer Elements Needed:
  • Method of Integration
  • Schedule of Data Transfer
  • Activity Monitoring with Alerts (for real-time configurations)

#8.png 3. Performance Reporting 

Even though reporting is typically available throughout the lifecycle of the event at the administration website, Performance Reporting most commonly occurs after the event is complete. Performance Reports should be available on-demand and in real-time at the administration website. More sophisticated systems include ‘push email’ report summaries in the form of an alert that is sent directly to you.

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Most Common Information Included in Performance Reports Include: 
  • Volumes - how many particpants, when, and what did they do?
  • Profiles - who came through, what are their demographics?
  • Metrics - what did they say, how did we do?
  • RDR Reports - sales follow up after the event seeking to establish a relationship between the contribution of the event in the sales outcome.

#5.png 4. Going Above and Beyond

  • Dealer Follow up - show interest in knowing how dealer follow-up is executed on the ride & drive leads, listen for anything that might help you improve your future programs
  • CRM Segmentation - show interest in knowing if the CRM team is breaking down and segmenting the collected leads into communities or profiles for ongoing database marketing
  • Event Planning - begin preparing for your next Ride & Drive now, document your pre-planning thoughts for next time, in terms of strategy and production


Following up your ride & drive event with these 3 foolproof tips will ensure you are providing an exceptional level of customer service and maximizing attendee engagement.  

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