29 Top Event Industry Influencers to Follow

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The event industry attracts a special breed of people. Success in event management and marketing requires a unique blend of creativity and pragmatism. It demands the ability to sweat the details as well as see the big picture. It entails the ability to work with data (or at least to work effectively with those who do) as well as profound understanding that the data is ultimately about people—your guests.

Those who rise to positions of influence in the events space have these characteristics combined with the desire and ability to share their knowledge and shape trends. They create the content that educates, enlightens, sometimes entertains, and frequently gets shared by and among event professionals.

Here are 29 of the smartest, most engaging event industry influencers—bloggers, planners, editors, marketers, and consultants—well worth following on Twitter and elsewhere online.

  1. David Adler (@davidadler)

Founder & CEO of BizBash.comDavid is a veteran media and event entrepreneur. He created BizBash as an idea and resource marketplace for event organizers of all types from corporate and association to high-end personal and social events.

  1. Corbin Ball (@corbinball)

With 20 years of experience running technology meetings, Corbin is an internationally known events and tradeshow technology analyst, helping clients save time and improve productivity.  

  1. Julius Solaris (@tojulius)

Julius is the founder of both the Event Manager Blog and Event Innovation Lab. As one of the top 25 most influential individuals in the Meeting Industry, he speaks around the world about #eventtech, trends and innovation in the event industry.

  1. Rachel Wimberly (@TSNN_Rachel)

With specialties in the Trade Show Industry, Rachel is editor-in-chief of the Trade Show News Network, TSNN.com, the No. 1 online trade show industry news source in the United States.

  1. Jeff Hurt (@JeffHurt)

Jeff currently serves as Executive Vice President of Education and Engagement at Velvet Chainsaw ConsultingHe is considered one of the leading authorities in the meetings industry on adult education, conference design, digital events and social media for events and associations.

  1. Marissa Pick (@marissapick)

Currently the Director of B2B Social Media at the CFA Institute, Marissa was named as one of the #Nifty50 Top Twitter Female Writers for 2013, ranked as within Onalytica's B2B Marketing: Top 200 Brands and Influencers list, and short listed as a finalist for the Rising Star Award within the 2014 British Media Awards. 

   7. Christy Lamagna (@SMEChristy)

With a constant focus on SMART goals and a specialty in branding, Christy plays to her strengths as CEO and Master Strategist at Strategic Meetings and Events, where they integrate your company's message into every aspect of the platform.

   8. Sue Pelletier (@spelletier)

Since 1998, Sue has been an editor and blogger at Meetings Net, where she covers nearly every facet of the Meetings Industry, from marketing and promotion to logistics to strategic planning

   9. Keith Johnston (@PlannerWire)

A managing partner at i3events.com, Keith has over fifteen years of planning strategic meetings, conferences, and incentives for clients worldwide. His focus is helping his clients understand how social media, content marketing, and technology impact the attendee experience.

   10. Nick Borelli (@nickborelli)

Nick is a consultant, author, and speaker specializing in marketing for live events and event companies. With over 20 years in the event industry, he focuses on impacting live event marketing. 

   11. Will Curran (@ItsWillCurran)

Will is president at Endless Events, which he founded when he was only in high school! He had the honor of attending the G20 Young Entrepreneurs' Alliance Summit in Australia as a delegate for the United States.

   12. Michelle Bruno (@michellebruno)

As a pro business writer, blogger, tech journalist, and content strategist in the live-meetings industry, Michelle brings it all together to bring brands and ideas to life at brunogroup.com

   13. Elizabeth Glau (@ElizabethGlau)

Working as a consultant at Building Blocks Social Media, Elizabeth guides experiences that create strong and immediate emotional connections to engage consumers that care about what you have to offer.

   14. Dave Lutz (@VelChain)

Dave is the Managing Director at velvetchainsaw.com, where he uses his considerable experience in managing and growing an industry leading business to spot conference trends and turn data into actionable insight. 

   15. Adrian Segar (@Asegar)

Since 1981, Adrian Segar has designed, convened, and facilitated hundreds of conferences in North America and Europe. He has been named as one of the most innovative event professionals by multiple organizations and has been quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. 

   16. Travis Stanton (@StantonTravis)

Travis Stanton, editor of EXHIBITOR Magazine, which focuses on discovering best practices in trade shows and events for exhibit managers and event professionals. 

   17. Adam Parry (@punchtownparry)

Adam is currently Director and Editor of Event Industry News, the Online Magazine for the Events Industry organisers of Event Tech Live, The Event Technology Awards and Event Tech Talks.

   18. Brandt Krueger (@BrandtKrueger)

As an educator, speaker, and consultant specializing in the field of Event Technology, Brandt devotes himself to helping event planners make better informed decisions when it comes to event technology. 

   19. Miguel Neves (@IMEXMiguel)

Miguel is all a business events professional, social media speaker, digital content producer, and online community manager. As a Certified Meeting Professional, he is currently collaborating with IMEX group. 

   20. Annette Naif (@AnnetteNaif)

Annette is the CEO and creative director of Naif Productions, which focuses on obtaining a true ROI on each event. She was a 2012 BIZBASH Reader's Choice Award's Finalist and is an Adjunct Professor at New York University. 

   21. Mitra Sorrells (@mitrasorrells)

Mitra is the Technology Editor and Orlando Bureau Cheif at BizBash.com as well as a freelance writer for bravotv.com. She specializes in PR, SEO, and content creation. 

   22. Becki Cross (@beckitrain)

Becki is an experienced event and conference manager and currently works as Deputy Editor of Events Northern Ltd - a conference and event management company. She is also Deputy Editor for eventmanagerblog.com

   23. Beth Kormanik (@thewordista)

In 2014, Beth was named Editor-In-Chief of BizBash.com, where she brings a new perspective to the live gathering industry with her outstanding insights into areas such as thought leadership at conferences , theatrical journalism at live events, and the power of technology with regards to crowdshaping. 

   24. Randal Acker (@rackercoo)

Randal is currently President & COO at EXHIBITOR Media Group, producer of EXHIBITOR magazine, EXHIBITORLIVE, EXHIBITORFastTrak, CTSM,  and EXHIBITOReTrak. He also works as an adjunct faculty member at BSU. 

   25. Michael Shapiro (@mshap)

Michael is the Senior Editor at Meetings & Conventions, a platform built for event planners. He excels at providing analysis and research to help event professionals remain competitive.

   26. Event Heroes (@EventHeroes)

Event Heroes' mission is to share what they've learned to empower others to be their best. They're passionate about providing event planners with resources, educational tools and coaching, so event planners can best serve their clients.

   27. Alissa Hurley (@alissahurley)

Alissa Hurley has over 20 years of experience in corporate events and marketing – working with hundreds of clients in many industries – from tech start-ups to financial powerhouses, non-profit organizations and global brands across North America and Europe.

   28. Dahlia Gazzar (@DahliaElGazzar)

Dahlia is dubbed as a triple threat in the events business since her knowledge about the hospitality industry, the planner audience, and her passion about tech. She is a speaker & Educator on event tech, apps, and mobile devices.

   29. Leo A. Jakobson (@leoanton)

Leo is currently the Executive Editor at Incentive Magazine and the Senior Editor of Successful Meetings through the Northstar Travel Group, where he delves into motivations and the insights that come from them. 

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