20 Thought Leaders. Tech. & Testing.

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Given the broad range and rapid pace of new developments in event technology, what's an event planner to do? For example, do you rely on thought leaders, leverage data or tech out? 

Yes, This IS a Test

The answer is all of the above with a emphasis on tech and testing. This requires that you collect data to understand what's happening at your events

Don't be afraid to try new ideas. Don't be afraid to discard old tactics. But also don't be afraid to keep using ideas that are working, or have worked recently. The key is to collect as much data as possible and base decisions on how your audiences react. 

Don't ignore industry thought leaders, but don't rely solely on them either. Test, measure, tweak, change, test some more.

You can achieve all of this with a strong event data management platform to help you run clean tests, agnostic of the latest trends, whatever they may be.