20 of the Best Event Industry Blogs to Follow

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The writers and organizations behind the top event management blogs are a diverse group including speakers, authors, publications, vendors, and consultants. Their expertise ranges from event technology to design ideas, planning, and the latest trends.

What all of these bloggers share is a passion for events, the knack for sharing actionable insights, and the desire to help event planners and organizers create more effective, successful events.

 They are also persistent. The event industry (like others) has its share of once-promising blogs that have gone dormant, abandoned to the receding archives of online history. The best bloggers maintain a flow of fresh content and new ideas to keep event professionals informed and inspired.

Here are 20 of the best event industry blogs worth following and reading regularly.

  1. Event Manager Blog

How-to guidance, event technology and trends for professionals in the event industry. Edited by Julius Solaris. 

  1. Meeting & Event Technology Blog

Corbin Ball offers comprehensive knowledge about meeting planning, trade show, and events technology.

  1. Trade Show News Network Blogs

How-to guides, trends, and insights from the leading online resource for tradeshows, conferences, meetings, and events. Rachel Wimberly is editor in chief of TSNN. 

  1. GatherGeeks Podcast by BizBash

BizBash CEO David Adler and executive editor Beth Kormanik discuss the latest news and trends affecting event professionals and interview guests from across the event industry.

  1. Endless Events Blog and #EventIcons Podcast

Will Curran curates this blog featuring tips, tricks, and trends for event professionals. He's joined by co-host Brandt Krueger on the #EventIcons podcast, interviewing guests from around the event industry.

  1. Meeting Mean Business Sidebar Blog

The Sidebar Blog is a place for Meetings Mean Business (MMB) coalition members and industry partners to discuss industry trends, major events and advocacy efforts. MMB co-chairs are Paul Van Deventer and Julie Coker Graham.

  1. Event Industry News

An online event magazine/blog that provides the latest news to event organizers, promoters, event management and production companies, suppliers, experiential agencies, and corporate events pros. Adam Parry is the editor and Elouise Mugridge is a writer at EIN.

  1. The Event Professionals

Event Professionals is a platform focused on meetings, conferences, and exhibition news. Their content spans a wide range of topics, but centers around news that is critical for marketing executives to stay up-to-date on.

  1. Velvet Chainsaw - Midcourse Corrections Blog

Velvet Chainsaw Consulting works to maximize face-to-face events, with a sharp focus on the attendee experience. Primary writers Jeff Hurt and Dave Lutz share their insight into the conference business, truly demonstrating their expertise in the field.

  1. Plannerwire

With a focus on conference planning, event tech, and other “cool stuff”, Keith Johnson takes the lead on their detailed articles for event professionals.

  1. Conferences That Work

Conferences That Work, Adrian Segar’s blog, is a great space for learning about and engaging in conversation around conference design, facilitation, and peer conferences. 

  1. Nick Borelli: Articles

Nick Borelli’s articles are a great place to jump into pop-culture, trends, and social media usage for your events. Plus, he just recently committed to making diversity a part of his mission – something we certainly stand behind!

  1. M&C Blogs (from Meetings and Conventions)

Editor Loren Edelstein and Senior Editor of Tech Beat Michael Shapiro share their perspective from inside the business. They have a whole variety of blogs that they run, ranging from Tech Beat to Editor’s Podium, providing information on whatever it is that you might need.

  1. SocialPoint

SocialPoint is an Audience Engagement Platform, and their blog posts focus on ways you can engage your audience in simple, fun, but effective ways. Writer Sam Smith brings this his experience in creating digital interactive experiences to his writing.

  1. Plan It on a Post-It

Blogger Naomi Tucker writes on the Plan It on a Post-It blog, where their articles share a broad and life-encompassing perspective on what it means to work as someone in the events and marketing industry.

  1. CEIR Blog

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research, CEIR, is headed by CEO Cathy Breden. Their blog is a platform for experts to share their research, provide hacks, and push their followers toward new insights and outlooks.

  1. Event Tech Brief

The Event Tech Brief Blog serves as an independent resource for event technologists and event technology solution providers. Michelle Bruno, writer and content strategists, is the editor behind this blog and its sister blog below. 

  1. Fork in the Road Blog

This is Michelle’s second blog, and is designed to reflect her personal opinions and ideas about the future of the event industry. Her experience with event technology, design, and strategy gives her a truly qualified perspective.

  1. EACA Blog

The EACA is an association built around providing tangible value, and their blog is no different. Jim Wurm, Executive Director, has over thirty years of F2F marketing experience, working with marketing and logistics within trade shows.

  1. G2Planet Blog

Our list of top event industry blogs wouldn't be complete without pointing out you can find useful new event management and marketing insights here, daily, from G2Planet CEO Mark Granovsky as well as expert contributors like Michael Brenner, Martin Walker, Kate Athmer, and Dave Sutton. 

You could spend days looking through the depth of information these blogs hold, but we hope you'll take a moment to dive into our newest, free whitepaper: Events, Email, and Beyond. 

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