2 Experiences to Avoid a "Fail."

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Experiential marketing is white hot. If you follow the buzz, you'll hear people wondering out loud if “event marketing” has become passe’ with all the activities surrounding experiential technologies. In case you are new to all the hype (or have been spending time on Mars) here's 2 key things to watch out for with 2 of the most widely used experiences. 

1) Don't Drive People Away

Ride & Drives at Auto Shows are a key example of experiential marketing. Make sure you don't ruin a pleasant test drive with poor registration software--or be put off by the relative expense of planning, staging and staffing the experience. 

The entire process has been made strikingly efficient and economical for companies. If you have been on the fence about a ride and drive for your business in the past due to the relative complexity and cost, it's time to give it another look.

2) Don't Have a Surprise "Pop-Up"

Another area where Experiential Marketing is making waves is in the use of pop-up displays at both large trade events and smaller scale “stores” inside large venues. This really works well during Holiday season when you may find a strong interest in a particular product and you need to generate additional “flash sales.”

It is critically important to have a strong back-end system supporting you in these situations because capturing data can be challenging in some situations—wireless compatibility, weather, untrained staff, etc.

Make sure your software vendor can create simple apps that allow information to be stored on a phone or tablet then uploaded later when a reliable web connection is available. It’s a little thing that can add a big improvement when you are literally working, and selling, 'on the fly'.”