11 More of the Best Event Industry Blogs to Follow

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Here are 11 more of the best event industry blogs worth following and reading regularly.

  1. Event Leadership Institute

The Event Leadership Institute covers the broadest range of topics; from careers, venues, and technical production to featured event leaders and more, they do their best to cover the entire breadth and depth of the industry.

  1. Corporate Event News

Corporate Event News targets senior level corporate event professionals by providing a wealth of information around industry information, tools, and solutions. Their content ranges from venue news and vendor sourcing, to content creation and career advancement.

  1. Plan Your Meetings

The Plan Your Meetings blog is written by community members and event experts, who share articles and tutorials to help you in virtually every aspect of meeting and event planning. They cover practical topics such as budget management, contracts, and event sustainability.

  1. Freeman Insights 

Freeman focuses on providing its audience with industry news, insights, and brand experience trends directly from the industry experts themselves, so that you can stay ahead of the experience curve.

  1. Tigris Events 

Tigris is an expert in powerful personal experiences, and their blog reflects their knowledge of the importance of maximizing your staffing to maximize your activities; like working your booth at trade shows, representing your brand in the retail space, and the staff that work at your events. 

  1. The Meeting Pool

The Meeting Pool blog dives into the deep end of event technology, so that your company is always on the cutting edge of industry trends. Their site is organized into topics like "Apps," "Event Industry," and "Business" so that you can always find the articles relevant to your company.  

  1. Skyline Trade Show Tips 

With a focus on face-to-face marketing experiences, Skyline's blog covers a wide variety of trending topics, like ways to use new tech, how to create the best trade-show booth, and experiential swag alternatives. 

  1. The Mice Blog

With the ultimate goal of inspiring and educating the global corporate events community, Irina Graf shares her insight, knowledge, and experience as a full-time, international blogger.

  1. Gallus Events

Gallus Events uses their expertise as an event consultancy to share their insights through their blog. They believe that their innovative approach to consulting can be easily distilled by diving into any of their posts.

  1. Diary of an #EventProf

Diary of an #EventProf is written by Helen Moon, a freelance events and marketing director with an eclectic mix of experience in the events industry that spans 21 years. The blog is centered on her experiences in events and the latest and greatest in the events industry.

  1. The UFI Blog

The UFI Blog is built to support the professionals in the world's marketplaces. The content is directed towards trade show organizers, venue owners and operators, service providers, and industry associates. They also serve as a microphone for event professionals; they invite you to share your ideas.

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