Manage Time Like a Monarch. Yeah, Right.

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Queen Elizabeth I was reported to have said "my Kingdom for an extra minute..." or something close to it. Successful event professionals are also fighting a proverbial Spanish Armada when managing their time, often outside of "business hours," in a fast-moving industry with constantly shifting tastes and trends.

So it's little wonder "time management" or some close variant thereof tops the list of challenges for people who work in the live events space. At the beginning of a busy week, we thought we would re-post a few highlights from our previous post about the challenges Event Professionals face in 2019. Got a minute?

Listen to your peers: 

"My greatest personal challenge at work is reminding myself that I can’t take on new projects right now. I want to read every book, accept every paid offer to speak, mentor and coach everyone who asks for help, add more charities to the list I already support. It’s a lot of work to stay on track." — Christy Lamagna, CEO of Strategic Meetings & Events

One of my biggest challenges "is not having enough time. Having a time machine would be fantastic." Will Curran, Founder & Chief Event Einstein at Endless Events LLC

"My biggest challenge is giving all of the great ideas and initiatives the time and attention they deserve."  Michelle Bruno, President at Bruno Group Signature Services and Publisher of Event Tech Brief

My biggest challenge is "deciding how I should spend my time. I have short-term and long-term plans, and new opportunities continually appear. There are a lot of choices I can make, and I constantly need to choose." — Adrian Segar, Founder of Conferences That Work

"The biggest challenge is maintaining some semblance of work/life balance. We like to say that at EXHIBITOR we work hard and play hard, and I think that’s true. But the real truth is that we never stop working in the sense that we’re constantly thinking about this industry and how best to serve our readers. And because we’re always discussing and/or launching new awards programs, research initiatives, and one-off projects, there’s never a dull moment." — Travis Stanton, Editor of EXHIBITOR Magazine

"Every day, there are opportunities to write, or partner, or even develop a new product or event, but with so many opportunities you have to decide when NOT to pursue an opportunity. This is something I have and am still learning to manage, as my personality is of the kind "let's do it all." But the simple fact is you can't." —Adam Parry, Editor of Event Industry News and Director of Event Tech Live

"Time management. Because I do so many different things and travel quite a bit (not to mention family life), it’s easy to get distracted or just 'off schedule”' Sometimes I’m reading industry articles when I really need to be sending invoices or returning a phone call. I read Getting Things Done a long time ago, and still use a lot of those techniques. Lately, I’ve been refocusing on the 'Less than 2-minute rule:' If you think of something that needs to be done, and it will take less than two minutes, just do it." Brandt Krueger, freelance technical and audiovisual consultant

"A shortage of time combined with the need to switch back and forth between extreme multitasking and the focus required to go deeper on some subjects. (That isn’t just me, right?)" — Michael Shapiro, Senior Editor of Meetings & Conventions

"My biggest challenge is time, same as all event pros. That, and keeping up with social media and industry  changes. This career is a hard one to balance family life and business life." — Tracy Fuller, President at InnovativEvents Inc.

"My biggest challenge is having enough time! It's a global world; events are happening all over, in all different time zones...Events have a hard stop: things have to be done, they have to be ready to go by the time the doors open. It can be a lot of work to make sure people get things done professionally the way they need to, in a timely fashion." — Tara Thomas, Co-Founder & CMO at The Meeting Pool