# FOMO? 5 Steps to No Mo!

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Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) is the zeitgeist of business. Recently, however, I have finally gotten my proverbial you-know-what-together and no longer feel that I am missing out on anything.

Till then I suggest you follow everything I say below if you want to lick your FOMO over marketing automation. (Because nothing else really matters in marketing these days.)

1) Event experts struggle with getting a good global view of automated marketing communications. To avoid this, invest in a sufficient system that will allow you to capture on-page analytics, off-site SEO and public relations activity within ten modules. And no, don't take it to 11. 

2) The only form of lead scoring that matters is based on IFTT (If This Then That) logic. I know the systems that offer it without asking venture capitalists to loan you money. Try Ontraport.

3) If you don't have good off-page analytics, great email marketing, ample white papers, and a blog, life sucks. Life will suck even more if can't find your way around Google Analytics. Life ends online, however, if you fall in love with Google Analytics and forget about everything I have said here. Try an agency for this.

4) After you develop a following with a consistent 25% level of engagement you have both identified and saturated a "segment." Marketing automation will not work without clearly defined segments.

5) Finally, don't try writing all your content yourself. Tap into an overworked writer with talent. These kind of people only worry when they don't have work. You know, when they feel they are missing out.