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The World's First Interactive Interview Wall

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This is an interesting twist on the interview backdrop.  The Wally Smart Wall, developed in Israel, is a solution that can replace the undynamic gray backdrops that are often used to carry out on-camera interviews. According to the company, their wall now enables sponsors to communicate directly with their target market through video content and dedicated interactive messages. 

Comprised of a row of screens situated within the exact frame of the ongoing interview, Wally can carry out what they call "active marketing" with any crowd. Or, in essence, pack a lot more messaging into the frame of your interview--which is particularly helpful if your subject is a little short on charisma. 

Why Chatbots Are A Popular New Trend

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Chatbots are an emerging trend in the event marketing space, according to a recent report published by Technavio. 

Try This Brilliant Solution for Video. UPDATED.

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While we have nothing against Hollywood Directors, it's not always smart to hire them in the age of 4K Smartphones. Because today, with a little practice, you capture the "cinematic look" in your event footage for less than the lunch budget for a commercial shoot. 

The truth is that smartphones have offered 4K video since 2015 -- well before consumer cameras. This has given manufacturers like Apple, Samsung and LG time to perfect the vaunted "movie look" from a simple cell phone. While high-end smartphones today can run close to $1000.00, there are some amazing options out there.

Better yet, as you will see in this updated post, you can actually buy a dedicated professional movie camera for around 1k (which cost up to 65k just a few years back.) 

When To Ask Your Agency To Take a Haircut. Lessons from The Biebs'.

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Some companies change event marketing partners as often as Justin Bieber used to changed his hair cut. While we realize busy event executives like you probably didn’t notice it, the Biebs’ has actually been lovin’ his new 'do for a year or two. (DIY instructions included!) 

So what changed? And what does the Biebs' have to do with asking your agency to take a serious haircut on their services?

We imagine he got to “I do” with his new doo' by drawing up a list of reasons for why his old sytlists had to go. In that same vein, allow us a little fun with our own Top 5 reasons to get tough with your current event agency … and one reason not to.



What The Russians Know About Events. (We'll Bet on It.)

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The "Russians" have become a well known entity in the world of online politics. They are also a force in the in the world of online betting, multi-player gaming and sweepstakes based on cryptocurrencyThis market is worth studying for corporate event marketers because cryptography and neural networks currently represent the bleeding edge of AI technologies applied to promotional tactics. 

20 of the Best Event Industry Blogs to Follow

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The writers and organizations behind the top event management blogs are a diverse group including speakers, authors, publications, vendors, and consultants. Their expertise ranges from event technology to design ideas, planning, and the latest trends.

The Events Expert Interview Series #5: Will Curran

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Over the course of the next several months, we'll be interviewing some of the smartest, most interesting event professionals around--sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences. This week we sat down with Will Curran,  founder of AV production company Endless Events, one of the most fascinating and energetic industry leaders we have had the pleasure of talking with.

Four Compelling Conclusions from 16 Enlightening Event Marketing Facts and Stats.

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It’s fascinating that with all the attention being lavished on topics like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality, and digital assistants, face-to-face communication at live events continues to grow exponentially. It’s possible the increasing amount of time we spend on our screens, consuming digital content, makes us value in-person experiences even more.

Story. An experiential success, um, Story.

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It's not often that we report a company acquisition on G2Blog, but this one is a must-read story. Macy's Inc. M, +0.00% said Wednesday that it has acquired Story, a New York City retailer that changes the store design and merchandise every four-to-eight weeks.  Here is a more in-depth version of how this innovative retail--and experiential--partner works. 

Enterprise Event Management Whitepaper: Events, Email and Beyond

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If you've been following along with us for a while now, you're familiar with our emphasis on the DEEP model. (If you're new here, it stands for Data Driven Enterprise Event Planning). Millions of data points can come out of every event, which means that it's always critical to ask the question: "what is this data doing for me?"

Data Driven Events Captured on New 7-minute Film

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 Corte Madera, CA / April 27, 2018 / PRNewswire / G2Planet debuts an exciting new film on the growing company. Shot “documentary style” in Minneapolis, Orlando and Corte Madera, the 7-minute film takes a “you-are-there” look at the business of data-driven events.  

4 Tips That Really Speak to Attendees

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Pulling off a big event like an awards ceremony or a conference is one thing, but keeping your audience engaged during your event is an entirely different challenge. Especially for long events that last for hours or days, it can be extremely difficult to maintain the attention of your audience - think about how difficult it was for your professors to keep your attention for just one lecture. There are different types of people who attend events. Some only go for the networking and social opportunities and others go in the hopes of learning something new. Of course, there are people who fall in the middle, but no matter who your audience is made up of, keeping them engaged the entire time will be difficult. Especially since attention spans have dropped with increasing use of technology. Luckily for you, we have some helpful tips to ensure that your audience is as engaged as possible.