How to Collect Data at Your Next Event Part 1 [Infographic]

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For event planners, 2017's dominant narrative has focused on collecting and analyzing data. Visit any event related blog (ours included) and you will find a bunch of articles prostelyzing the neccisity of taking a data-driven attitude, typical to digital marketing, and applying it to event management.

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Running Events with Flexible Technology Makes Them Better

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An Example of Flexible Thinking

New York City’s High Line is a walking path on the eastern edge of Manhattan, both sides lined with sumptuous green gardens, and raised roughly three stories above street level, providing a unique view of the city streets below. It is one of the 21st century’s best examples of flexible thinking. For around fifty years, the High Line was a rusting, disused train track, part of a line that was no longer connected to the city’s transit system, and by all accounts an eyesore. Now it is one of New York’s best-loved parks, and a perfect analogy for the way good event planners think.

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How to Negotiate Better Contracts with Event Marketing Agencies

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It’s a fact of business that you never go into a negotiation that you can't walk away from. The great thing about Data Driven Enterprise Event Planning (DEEP) is that you always have data on your side when it comes to negotiating contracts.

Three Badge Features to Create a More Engaging Event

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Not all trade show badges are created equally. You’d think that a thin piece of plastic would be more democratic, but it’s not. In fact, there are some very specific types of badges you need if you want to optimize your attendee experience, helping create the perfect event.

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Five Essentials for Mobile Event Planning Apps.

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If you are a fan of Marvel Comics or DC movies, then you probably have an opinion on the best superpowers an action hero can have. While stuff like X-Ray vision is cool, the Superpower event manager simply must have something powerful in their hands. With this in mind, here is a brief-on-go checklist that every mobile event app today must have. 

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Why "13" is a Lucky Number for Events

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This past week, in Neocon’s Architectural Principals talk, I was told that pictures look more interesting when they are grouped in odd numbers. The more pictures you hang, the more this is true.

Considering groups of pictures indivisible by two, “more interesting”, seems like an error in rational thinking. But, I can see how larger groups of pictures can work together in drawing our attention. Every picture contains an idea, which can be rearranged and combined with the ideas from the other pictures, making the total experience more stimulating. So, we decided to apply the many picture concept to our blog in an effort ideas and your events stay novel. Please enjoy 13 entirely random yet memorable ways you can improve your next event.

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For Planners Thinking About Everything That Could Go Wrong

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Tanya’s Mishap

Perhaps more than any other profession, event planners are familiar with trepidation, an impending feeling that something will go wrong. My friend (we’ll call her Tanya) recently told me a story explaining why. 

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Measure Events like You'd Measure a Website

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The Drawbacks of Event Marketing (Or So They Say)

Event marketing is the single best way to generate qualified leads. So, why isn’t it utilized more? Traditionally, measuring the outcome of events the way one would with digital marketing has been difficult, making it challenging to determine their return on investment. This lack of clarity has made them a less popular option in the face of digital channels which provide precise measurements for judging success.

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Why DATA Delivers More Than Fads in Corporate Event Marketing

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Why Data Delivers More Than Fads.

5 Simple Ideas That Prove It.

When it comes to events, it is easy to be distracted by the latest shiny object. While no event planner wants to be without the latest cool idea at a critical event, the bigger risk is building your plan around a dud. With that in mind we’ll cover 5 data-backed ideas that will deliver the wow factor you desire without the headaches. 

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How to Promote Events and Increase Attendee Engagement with Snapchat (Or not.)

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It’s generally agreed that the moment you turn 35 years of age you are too old for Snapchat. And here you thought 40 was the new 50.

At G2Planet having a HQ in Silicon Valley and an office in ice-cold Minnesota keeps us more centered about these things. If anything, we prefer to exploit every new technology like marauding Vikings — using only what works and jettisoning what doesn’t.  Which brings us back to Snapchat.

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