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The Four Most Popular Experiential Events.

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As with marketing webinars, the objective of experiential events is typically either lead generation or, for known prospects, to help advance the sales process. These live events will involve a check-in process (and in some cases immediate on-site registration) and some sort of credential, but are simpler than large customer conferences because of their smaller size, greater frequency, and shorter duration.

On-Site Registration. 5 Things That Should "Register"

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Registering event attendees on-site is different that registering attendees prior to an event. On the positive side, an event manager will be "on-the-ground" and capable of managing the inevitable surprises that are part of any live activity. Yet those surprises can easily tax an inferior event registration system--so here are a few things every smart manager should think about. 

The 24 Top Industry Event Publications

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Event planners keep up a crazy work pace. With this in mind, earlier this week we “short-listed” a few publications you should follow in this business. Today we are releasing the full and definitive list of the Top 24 Event Industry “Must-Follow” publications.

8 Essential Event Industry Publications

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Event planners keep up a crazy work pace. Not only do they have countless details to keep track of doing their "day job" (yeah, we know—sometimes running events seems more like a "24-hour-a-day job"), but they also need to stay current on the latest trends, tech, and developments in the event management realm.

Fortunately, there are a number of outstanding online and print (yes, that's still a thing) publications that can help keep event professionals informed and up to speed on what's happening and what's new in the field.

The Value of Creativity for Live Events

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Creativity comes from a place deep within. It is the spark that ignites imaginations and drives innovation. Creative minds break boundaries, take the abstract or mundane and transform it into something new, something that can change the world and our experience of it.

The Events Expert Interview Series #28: Miguel Neves

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We have been interviewing expert event professionals in our industry, sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences. This week we spoke with Miguel Neves, who describes himself as a curious creator and caring curator of computerised content and conscious connector of charismatic characters. He holds a masters’ degree in Conference and Events Management from the University of Westminster, and is a Certified Meeting Professional and a Digital Event Strategist. 

Unleash the inherent strategic value of your events:

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1) Can you walk us through your career path from your early days as an event producer through your extended tenure at IMEX, and how that led to your current role as social strategist at  And what does a typical day look like for you now?

The Events Expert Interview Series #27: Samuel J. Smith

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We have been interviewing expert event professionals in our industry, and sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences. With a dynamic and diverse professional experience, Samuel J. Smith is now Managing Director at Interactive Meeting Technology, leading a team that's redesigning meetings by transforming attendees into active participants. 

Need Better Speakers? You Make the Call.

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As event professionals know, the speaker line up at your events can make or break attendance. That's why it makes sense to exploit your event management and planning software to the fullest in helping you generate a killer "Call for Speakers" capability.

Do This & You'll Have Them At "Hello."

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Corporate events are a lot more than "get togethers" for industry professionals. Today they are an extended time period to capture data from a captive audience. Among the countless details event planners must be mindful of, event registration is unquestionably critical.

A well-designed and implemented registration process will get your meeting, conference, seminar, ride & drive, road show, off to a smooth start. And a strong Data-driven Enterprise Event Platform (DEEP) will ensure you capture every detail of their experience. 

Educational Webinars. A Textbook Post.

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A few weeks back we covered the first of many popular topics for getting people to register for your event--or the use of marketing webinars. Educational webinars are another effective way to generate interest. Educational webinars are designed to help attendees increase their knowledge of a particular subject or to learn how to perform a task or process. They generally fall into one of two categories: 

The Events Expert Interview Series #26: Keith Johnston

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We have been interviewing expert event professionals in our industry, and sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences. With more than 15 years experience, Keith Johnston has worked on both the planner and supplier side of the meetings and events industry. He is well known and widely sought after as a resource for conference planning, technology advice, and social media know-how for event and association professionals worldwide.

Six Enlightening Facts about Experiential Marketing

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Today experiential marketing can be optimized on every level to increase the value of activations and lower costs. What makes it really shine is the ability to integrate every experience with a Data-Driven Enterprise Event Platform to extend the value of the experience. Here are Six ways that can happen.