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The Events Expert Interview Series #27: Samuel J. Smith

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We have been interviewing expert event professionals in our industry, and sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences. With a dynamic and diverse professional experience, Samuel J. Smith is now Managing Director at Interactive Meeting Technology, leading a team that's redesigning meetings by transforming attendees into active participants. 

Need Better Speakers? You Make the Call.

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As event professionals know, the speaker line up at your events can make or break attendance. That's why it makes sense to exploit your event management and planning software to the fullest in helping you generate a killer "Call for Speakers" capability.

Do This & You'll Have Them At "Hello."

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Corporate events are a lot more than "get togethers" for industry professionals. Today they are an extended time period to capture data from a captive audience. Among the countless details event planners must be mindful of, event registration is unquestionably critical.

A well-designed and implemented registration process will get your meeting, conference, seminar, ride & drive, road show, off to a smooth start. And a strong Data-driven Enterprise Event Platform (DEEP) will ensure you capture every detail of their experience. 

Educational Webinars. A Textbook Post.

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A few weeks back we covered the first of many popular topics for getting people to register for your event--or the use of marketing webinars. Educational webinars are another effective way to generate interest. Educational webinars are designed to help attendees increase their knowledge of a particular subject or to learn how to perform a task or process. They generally fall into one of two categories: 

The Events Expert Interview Series #26: Keith Johnston

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We have been interviewing expert event professionals in our industry, and sharing their insights, advice, and unique experiences. With more than 15 years experience, Keith Johnston has worked on both the planner and supplier side of the meetings and events industry. He is well known and widely sought after as a resource for conference planning, technology advice, and social media know-how for event and association professionals worldwide.

Six Enlightening Facts about Experiential Marketing

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Today experiential marketing can be optimized on every level to increase the value of activations and lower costs. What makes it really shine is the ability to integrate every experience with a Data-Driven Enterprise Event Platform to extend the value of the experience. Here are Six ways that can happen. 

Halloween 3.0? Random Thoughts.

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Tonight is Halloween and this has us thinking about the future. For some companies that becomes a scary proposition, but not to G2Blog. Especially not when you step back and think about how the web is proceeding from web 2.0 to 3.0--and what that means for event marketers. 

The Events Expert Interview Series #25: James Morgan

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This week we interviewed James Morgan, an event producer and marketer for nearly thirty years. As well as a lecturer at the University of Westminster, London, he is also the founder of Event Tech Lab, a partnership community for event technology start-ups, developers, event professionals and investors.

2 Experiences to Avoid a "Fail."

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Experiential marketing is white hot. If you follow the buzz, you'll hear people wondering out loud if “event marketing” has become passe’ with all the activities surrounding experiential technologies. In case you are new to all the hype (or have been spending time on Mars) here's 2 key things to watch out for with 2 of the most widely used experiences. 

52 Keys to Event Planning. In case you missed it.

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Less linear than a "listicle" and more interactive than an infographic, this microsite (still in beta) allows you to mix and match suggestions for improving event ROI. 

Link to Beta Site (Off Site) 

NEWS FLASH: AT&T 5G roll-out is imminent.

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We just picked up this news from Engaget. 5G technology will very likely revolutionize events, again. The primary thrust of this technology will be its ability to capitalize upon what is called the "Internet of Things" or the ability for all devices, everywhere, at all times, to talk with one another. 

Stop Attending With Your Feet. Try a Webinar.

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A few toplines on webinars from our upcoming Whitepaper: