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What do the Blue Angels, a soccer team of 12 year olds, and a pair of synchronized swimmers have in common?

The Blue AngelsThink about it for a minute.  The Blue Angels are a highly trained team of experienced pilots maneuvering powerful jets traveling more than 500 miles per hours and a mere inches apart in the open sky.  The 12 year old’s soccer team is comprised of eager and energetic youth doing their best to move the ball around to one another and kick it into the goal, while at the same time defending their own goal.  And a pair of synchronized swimmers, after developing their skills and training together for years, are graceful, polished, and demonstrate ‘poetry in motion.’  They are all very different, yet have something in common.  Do you have the answer?

For each of these teams to perform to their fullest potential and maximize their outcome the members on the team need to be fully coordinated with one another, and move together as a single unit.

Now…relate this to your corporate events team.  See the similarities?  Are the people on your event teams fully coordinated with one another?  How about those extended members of your event team, meaning your internal clients and the agency partners you rely on so heavily.  Are you all moving together in synchronicity?  Are you all working together to your fullest potential, to reach your best possible outcome?

There are new event management software systems available in the market today that can help you improve your event operations. Whether your focus is on event strategy and planning, or the management of event programs, or on executing the production of an event, there are tools out there to help you do things better.  Just getting everyone of your event team coordinated with one another will have dramatic positive results on your activities and performance.  We are all so busy in the events business today it can be very easy to fall out of coordination with members of our team.  And the resulting inefficiencies can be crippling to performance, not to mention very frustrating.  Where does your company fall on this measure, is your extended event team fully coordinated?

At a minimum a software system should help you improve information management, and the coordination among your team members.  To do this well, however, the software needs to be flexible.  The best systems are configurable to your company’s exact needs.  It also has to be easy to use, and should be supported with ‘white gloves’ customer care.  On paper this can sound very simple, but it reality it’s a bit more complicated.

Is your event team moving together in coordination like a team of Blue Angels?  Is your team dancing together like a pair of synchronized swimmers, and are you having fun working together like a team of 12 year olds playing soccer?  If not, do you want to be?   EventCENTRAL is the platform to get you there.


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